Half-Half subsidy programme 4th phase starting in March

PHOTO: The Half-Half (50:50) programme 4th phase begins in March. (via Thai PRD)

The very popular Covid-19 financial relief programme Half-Half or 50:50 will be continued, according to the spokesperson for the Ministry of Finance. The spokesperson said the ministry is preparing the fourth phase of the programme, expected to launch in March.

The plan that launched last year simultaneously aided people in need with meals and stimulated the small business economy by subsidising 50% of the payments to independent food shops. The programme allowed 150 baht maximum per day for the purchase of food and other necessities.

Half-Half is ready to be implemented with the Cabinet already approving the fourth phase of the programme. The third phase of the food subsidy scheme expired on December 31.

Registration is open now for the fourth phase of the Half-Half plan and the Finance Ministry warns that those who didn’t participate in previous phases but want to join now should do so before the programme launches in March. Those who took part in the last phase can use the Pao Tang app to join the next phase, just as they have done previously.

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The Ministry spokesperson said that the plan will continue as before with enrollees being allotted 1,500 baht per month total, with a maximum of 150 baht each day. The government has seen success with the scheme that gives participants some extra pocket money to eat and small shops are keeping afloat with the extra customers the aid money allows for.


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