Grain of suspicion: Thai woman found lifeless in rice field, boyfriend’s alleged suicide note points to murder

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The lifeless body of a Thai woman was discovered in a rice field located in the northeastern province of Amnart Charoen. Police suspect that her boyfriend, who they believe also left a suicide note at the scene, is responsible for her murder.

A local, 29 year old Jittapon Khampaeng, yesterday recounted the distressed discovery of the woman’s dead body to the media. He explained that he visited his rice field to apply fertilizer to the rice at about 12noon. While attempting to park his car under a tree, he was confronted by the shocking sight of a lifeless body.

Jittapon admitted that he did not dare to get out of his car to check on the body. He was shocked by the discovery and decided to return to his community to seek assistance from the community leader. The leader then reported it to the Muaeng Amnart Charoen Police Station.

According to the police report, the victim was found wearing a black T-shirt and sarong and had been brutally stabbed more than 10 times all over her body. Additionally, her arms and hands displayed multiple cut wounds suggesting she attempted to protect herself from the knife attack.

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Nearby her body, an officer discovered paper containing phone numbers belonging to the deceased’s mother. Another note bore a message that read…

“I love you so much. I will die too, very soon.”

Police officers managed to identify the woman as 28 year old Kwanjai Puttamarak. Officers then contacted her family and her friends to convey the devastating news.

Kwanjai’s colleagues revealed to officers that she had just resigned from the Big C supermarket to work with her boyfriend, 28 year old Anusorn Suttijak, in the Isaan province of Sakhon Nakhon. Her colleagues added that Anusorn had just been released from prison at the end of June.

Following further investigation, officers found that Kwanjai engaged in a heated argument with her boyfriend a few days prior to the discovery of her body. She went to a police station in Sakhon Nakhon and borrowed 500 baht from them so she could travel back to Amnart Charoen.

Anusorn followed her to Amnart Charoen, and they were seen riding a motorcycle the night before the tragic discovery.

Based on these findings, police officers have identified Anusorn as the primary suspect in this crime, and are now hunting for him.

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