Ghost encounter leaves Thai Dhamma retreat-goer spooked in Chiang Mai

Photo via TikTok/ @pipimpeary

A Thai woman claimed that a ghost haunted her after completing a Dhamma retreat at a Rampoeng temple in the northern province of Chaing Mai. She also shared her selfie with the ghost in the background on TikTok.

Sawitcha “Pear” Butsara, shared a spooky video of her ghost encounter on TikTok @pipimpeary, on Wednesday, October 18, with the caption…

“What I gained from my Dhamma retreat. Not concentration and awareness, but a ghost.”

The video shows Pear taking part in a walking meditation exercise at the temple before transitioning into taking a selfie near her car.

In the picture, Pear is sitting in the driver’s seat, with a dark shadow resembling a person behind her in the passenger seat. Pear insisted she was travelling alone and believed the shadow was a ghost.

Pear revealed in a ThaiRath interview that she encountered the dark shadow at around 10pm on October 12 when she was driving home from the Dhamma retreat. After noticing the shadow, she took a selfie and later called her mother to ask her to accompany her home.

Pear revealed that the shadow belonged to a woman. She had long hair, but her face was just a skull. The dark shadow seemed to vanish into thin air upon her arrival home. However, Pear continued to experience disturbances at 3am every night, hearing someone knocking on her windows and door. Pear believed that the female spirit wanted her to make a merit for her.

Some Thai netizens commented on Pear’s video saying that they took part in the meditation and Dhamma retreat at the temple and had a similar experience while others said that they had visited the temple several times for the retreat but had not seen anything.

Pear added that she and many others believed in this superstitious happening while others did not. She hoped that people who did not believe in it would respect her belief and not complain about her on social media platforms.

Pear also invited others to try a Dhamma retreat, not to see ghosts but for peace of mind.


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