German man reportedly sets fire to house after Thai wife vanishes

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A German man reportedly set fire to his house in the northern province of Phayao after his Thai wife disappeared for a few days. A team of firefighters managed to rescue the man who suffered burns across his body.

Chun Police Station officers, in coordination with both rescue and firefighter teams, swiftly made their way to the house in the Baan Sak Lor Community in the Chun district of Phayao province yesterday following an urgent fire notification.

Upon arrival, officers discovered fierce flames consuming the garage of the single-story house and extending into the house. Officers said they heard an explosion from inside the house. They then coordinated with the local electric authority to cut the power and managed to control the situation about an hour later.

Officers found a white Mitsubishi pickup on fire in the garage while all of the furniture and appliances inside the house were destroyed.

Officers then encountered the house owner, a German man aged between 60 to 65 years old inside the house. They provided him with first aid before rushing him to Chun Hospital for further treatment.

The German man could not provide any information to officers due to his injuries. His relatives revealed that the German man might have set fire to his house due to stress. His Thai wife left home to go away to work for a few days and did not contact him. As a consequence, it is believed the German man started drinking alcohol and might have accidentally set fire to the house while drunk.

An officer told the media that he would conduct a thorough investigation into the cause of the fire and question the foreign man when his condition improves.

A similar incident was reported in November last year when a 47 year old German man, Tomas Veit, attempted to set fire to a house in Pattaya after the officers tried to arrest him on an overstaying charge. He set fire to batteries and a gas cylinder but the officers managed to extinguish it.

The man did not give up. He set his dogs on the police, two rottweilers and an English mastiff, to prevent the officers from getting close to him. To read more about the story click HERE.

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