Bangkok gang member arrested for fatal shooting

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Police apprehended a gang member for his involvement in a vehicle chase, opening fire and killing a rival gang member in Samut Prakan, citing a social media taunt by a rival gang as the instigation.

Police coordinated efforts across multiple agencies to capture 35 year old Chana Phan following an arrest warrant issued by the Phra Khanong Criminal Court on July 3 which subsequently led to his capture in Bang Na, Bangkok. Chana faces multiple charges, including premeditated murder, attempted murder, illegal possession of firearms, and public endangerment.

The incident occurred on June 29 at 3am near the Lasalle-Bearing intersection in Samut Prakan. Chana and his associates, riding motorcycles, chased and opened fire at a black Toyota, resulting in the death of Jedsada, who was a passenger in the vehicle.

Following the shooting, over 100 officers from various units, including the Metropolitan Police Bureau and Bang Na Police Station, launched the Dismantling Illegal Influence at Samrong Checkpoint operation. They raided five safe houses, confiscating 38 firearms, over 800 rounds of ammunition, and various other military equipment. Investigations identified Chana as the gunman.

Police Major General Teeradej yesterday, July 4, led a team to apprehend Chana as he attempted to flee Bangkok. During interrogation, Chana confessed to all charges, revealing his frustration with his rival gang, who had taunted him on Facebook.

He admitted to being one of the two individuals seen in CCTV footage, firing six shots before fleeing and discarding the weapon in the Chao Phraya River near Phra Pradaeng. Chana also mentioned another gunman, Meen, who has since disappeared.

Chana expressed his grievances during the investigation, claiming his gang had often helped locals, with their leader, Phet, frequently donating to the community. He justified the confrontation by citing the provocation from the rival gang’s social media post, stating, ‘I am not afraid of you.’

After the confession, police transferred Chana to the Bang Na Police Station for further legal proceedings, reported KhaoSod.


ORIGINAL STORY: Thailand cops raid five hideouts in Jesada murder case

Thai police conducted raids on five significant hideouts in connection with the murder of Jesada, also known as Tai Kolai, at the Lasalle intersection. Arrest warrants for two additional suspects have been issued, with heavy charges against them.

The incident involved 23 people on a motorcycle who lured Woraset, known as Hurt, and Jesada out of a restaurant, leading to Jesada’s fatal shooting by another group at the Lasalle-Bearing intersection in Bang Na, Bangkok. The police have been actively investigating the case today, July 3, and a crucial breakthrough occurred.

Deputy Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police Bureau Nopasilp Poolsawas, alongside Investigation Division Chief Theeradej Thammasuthee, instructed a team to gather evidence and collaborate with Bang Na Police Station investigators. Subsequently, the Phra Khanong Criminal Court issued arrest warrants for Natthawut, known as Lek, and Danai.

The charges include conspiracy involving five or more people to commit premeditated murder, attempted premeditated murder, possession of firearms without permission, and discharging firearms in public without reason.

Investigators linked the suspects to the crime through witness statements and CCTV footage. The escape route of the culprits was meticulously tracked. After the murder, the suspects fled on motorcycles, with one Honda Wave i being identified. The group split up, with one suspect riding into Soi Bearing, then into Soi Dan Samrong, and finally parking at a condominium in Samrong Nuea, Mueang District, Samut Prakan Province, reported KhaoSod.

police executed search warrants at five key locations in the Samrong Nuea area. The raids aimed to uncover more evidence and possibly apprehend additional suspects. After the searches, the police plan to hold a press conference to disclose further details about the case and the arrests made.

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