Gamecaster Fat Cat takes own life after spending 2.6 million baht

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A famous 21 year old gamecaster, known as Fat Cat, tragically ended his life after spending over 2.6 million baht on his girlfriend, only to be betrayed. His sister revealed the heart-wrenching details, prompting widespread online criticism.

The police have officially announced the results of their investigation into the suicide of the gamecaster known as Fat Cat. This announcement has sparked significant public debate and scrutiny. According to local media reports, on the evening of yesterday, the Chongqing City Police Department in Sichuan Province, China, released the findings of their investigation into Fat Cat’s suicide, which involved him jumping into a river.

Police reports indicate that 27 year old, Tanzhu, and 21 year old, Liu, known online as Fat Cat, were in a relationship for a year. They met each other’s families and friends, publicly declaring their love while saving money and planning their future together.

Tanzhu did not conceal any facts or engage in any deceptive actions, and thus, her actions did not constitute fraud. On May 11, Chongqing City Police sent the investigation results to Liu’s 28 year old sister, who had accused Tanzhu of deceiving her brother.

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Following mediation, Fat Cat’s parents and Tanzhu reached an agreement for her to return all the money Fat Cat had transferred to her during their relationship.

Legal investigations revealed that after Fat Cat jumped into the river, his sister examined his mobile phone and posted private chat history and other personal information about him and Tanzhu on social media. These posts led to Tanzhu, along with her relatives and friends, being continuously attacked and insulted by netizens. Numerous comments threatening Tanzhu’s safety appeared on social networks, severely impacting her life and disturbing public order and cyberspace peace.

During the investigation, Liu’s sister admitted that her actions violated the law and accepted responsibility. The police will continue to investigate and handle the case accordingly, reported Sanook.

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