Foreigners defrauded by Thai woman with their passports leads to arrest

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More than 30 foreigners turned the tables on a 33 year old woman, dragging her to the Pattaya City Police Station with a trove of 40 passports.

The former language school teacher, Supawadee Thongnoi, stands accused of a cunning visa renewal scam that left expats high and dry in Thailand.

Previously, victims had lodged complaints at the Pattaya City Police Station, narrating how they entrusted their passports to Supawadee for visa extensions. At a staggering 32,000 baht per person, the payments were made for a service that never saw the light of day. Passports went missing, visas expired, and foreigners found themselves marooned in Thailand.

Hanidapha Thowskul, representing the language school where the fraudulent transactions unfolded, shared the plight of foreign tourists duped into signing up for courses. Shockingly, when these victims sought help, the school found no record of their passport details in their system. The tangled web led back to Supawadee, the alleged orchestrator of the visa extension racket.

Upon investigation, the school uncovered a sinister truth – over 100 victims spanned more than 10 countries, some facing imminent prosecution and deportation for overstaying. The desperate expats decided to turn the tables, devising a plan to expose Supawadee’s con game. Pretending to reclaim their passports, the victims lured her into the open and swiftly informed the police, ensuring justice was served at the Pattaya City Police Station, reported KhaoSod English.

Unfazed by the allegations, Supawadee vehemently denied any wrongdoing. However, authorities hold a trump card – a cache of clear evidence that will undoubtedly seal her fate in court. The victims’ collective testimonies and missing passport records point to a meticulously orchestrated fraud that left foreigners stranded and desperate.

Meanwhile, behind the scenes, police are engaged in negotiations with Supawadee’s agents to facilitate the return of the seized passports to their rightful owners.

In related news, in a move set to transform the travel game, Suvarnabhumi International Airport unveiled an upgrade to its passport control system. Read more about this story HERE.

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