Foreign man refuses to pay fare and bites Bolt driver in Pattaya

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A Thai Bolt driver in Pattaya reached out to a news agency after a foreign man refused to pay his transport fare and bit him, leaving him with a cut lip.

Channel 7 announced that the reporters visited the Thai Bolt driver, Weeraphon, in hospital yesterday, January 29. The man was being treated for bite marks and scratches on his stomach, back and right arm. His right eye was covered with a shield and his lower lip was cut.

Weeraphon explained to reporters that the incident happened at 3.30am on Sunday, January 28. He picked up a foreign man from Soi Buakhao, and the passenger’s destination was a house in Soi Tung Klom-Tarn Man 27 in the Bang Lamung district of Pattaya.

When they arrived in the southern Pattaya area, the foreign man asked him to stop because he needed to pee. However, the foreign passenger walked away from him and left the scene with a motorcycle rider. Weeraphon said he was not sure whether the rider was an app-based rider or a local motorcycle taxi rider in the area.

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Weeraphon went on to explain that he followed the foreign man and motorcycle taxi rider to collect the 171 baht owed to him. The motorcycle rider gave him 100 baht but he wanted the full amount.

Weeraphon asked the foreigner to pay 71 baht more but he refused. The motorcyclist proposed retrieving the remaining money owed from the foreigner’s residence, prompting Weeraphon to wait outside Soi Tung Klom-Tarn Man 27 for the payment.

Foreigner assault

According to Weeraphon, the motorcycle rider disappeared for a long time prompting him to venture into the Soi to find out why there was a delay. There, he saw the foreigner engaged in a physical fight with the motorcyclist.

Subsequently, Weeraphon alerted the police and captured the incident on his mobile phone. Upon noticing the recording, the foreigner abruptly turned towards Weeraphon and punched him in the face. Weeraphon sought refuge in his car and attempted to flee, but the assailant pursued him. The foreigner proceeded to headbutt Weeraphon multiple times and viciously bit him.

Weeraphon added that the foreigner also got into his car and repeatedly crashed it into a house wall in the area until the front of the car was damaged.

Describing the scene as chaotic, Weeraphon recounted that Nong Prue Police Station officers eventually arrived and intervened. Both he and the foreign assailant were subsequently transported to the hospital for treatment. However, the motorcyclist managed to evade capture and flee the scene.

Nong Prue Police Station officers reported that they would question both the Bolt driver and the foreign passenger after they were treated. However, police were still unable to identify the motorcycle rider involved in the incident.

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