Thai police summon billionaire’s ‘sadistic’ son who allegedly bit date’s genitals

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Police in Nonthaburi in central Thailand summoned a Chiang Mai billionaire’s son to face charges filed by a woman he met on a dating app who alleges that he assaulted her, sadistically bit her during sex and forced her to transfer money to his bank account.

Yesterday, the 28 year old victim A – an office employee – went to Rattanathibet Police Station in Nonthaburi, covered in bruises, to file a complaint against a 22 year old Thai man of Indian-American descent named Khittiphot [surname withheld].

A said she knew Khittiphot for just five days having met him on a dating app on March 1. She says that Khittiphot beat her during sex, leaving her with bruises all over her body, and bit her genitals causing a painful injury.

A said the accused swore at her and sadistically bit her legs, bit her fingers, bit her face and genitalia causing several wounds and bruises.

He also threatened her into sending thousands of baht to his bank account, A told police.

Khittiphot, who has an American mother, is the son of a famous billionaire hotel owner in Chiang Mai, reports DailyNews.

Superintendent of Rattanathibet Police Station, Pol. Col. Thanamet Wichitjariya, said that he got a call from A saying she had been attacked, so he sent patrol officers to her condo.

Police found A and Khittiphot arguing outside the condo and separated them. Police asked A whether she wanted to file a police report, to which the victim said it was inconvenient to report at that time.

A requested that the police remove him from the condo initially until she is ready to file the report. So, the police asked Khittiphot to leave. He collected his belongings from the room and drove away.

The victim filed a police complaint against the billionaire’s son yesterday. She said she only wanted to press charges of assault against him.

A said that she was threatened by Khittiphot since the first day she met him but couldn’t escape. A said that when she talked about going to the police, Khittiphot angrily responded, “You think the police can touch me?”

She said she wanted to escape from her condo room for several days but couldn’t due to the threats and physical attacks. She said she didn’t go anywhere.

The victim said she wants to warn women about the dangers of using dating applications. She advised women to be careful because although there are advantages of dating apps, they are also very risky. Don’t believe everything someone tells you on a dating app, she warns.

Police tried to call the accused to invite him to the police station, but he didn’t answer. Therefore, the police have issued a summons for his interrogation.

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