Fisherman electrocuted while repairing boat near Chanthaburi pier

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A fisherman died after being electrocuted while attempting to repair his leaking boat. The incident took place yesterday near an old pier under the Somdet Phra Taksin Bridge in Laem Sing, Chanthaburi.

Police Lieutenant Colonel Surapong Prongngam from Laem Sing Police Station received a report from the Sawang Katanyu Dharma Association’s rescue centre about the fatal accident. Upon arrival at the scene, officers found the boat, an 8-to-10-metre-long squid fishing vessel, docked at the pier. The deceased, identified as 35 year old Jeenrayut Noinach, the boat’s owner, was discovered lying on his back at the stern of the boat.

Beside Jeenrayut’s feet was a power converter used for charging the boat’s battery, connected to a 220-volt household electrical line. The cable had visible damage, wrapped with electrical tape, and the plug had been pulled from the socket. A good Samaritan who witnessed the incident had cut the main power by flipping the breaker switch.

Somchai Permsuk, a 45 year old fisherman who witnessed the incident, provided a statement to the police. He explained that he had moored his boat near Jeenrayut’s and saw him busy repairing his vessel due to a leak that prevented it from being used for fishing.

Somchai mentioned that he was about to go buy some food when he saw Jeenrayut collapse. Rushing to help, Somchai realised that Jeenrayut had been electrocuted. He quickly unplugged the device and called for emergency assistance.

“I saw him fall and thought I could help, but when I got closer, I realised he had been electrocuted.”

The police collected evidence from the scene, including the damaged electrical cable and power converter, reported KhaoSod.

Jeenrayut’s body was transported to Laem Sing Hospital for an autopsy to determine the exact cause of death. Authorities are coordinating with his family to arrange for the return of his body for religious rites.

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