Thailand gets 200 million baht discount for World Cup TV licence

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Three days before the first match of the 2022 FIFA World Cup kicks off and Thailand is out on the street with a begging bowl trying to collect money from both the government and private sectors to cover the broadcasting licence. Incredibly, FIFA gave in to Thailand’s embarrassing ancient bartering scheme and knocked 200 million baht off the original asking price leaving only 1.4 billion baht to pay instead of 1.6 billion baht. But Thailand is not out of the woods just yet. There’s still some way to go before the nation’s footie fans can get to watch the World Cup for free. The kingdom still does not have the full amount to get the licence.

The government raised about 1.1 billion and the rest of the money will come from the National Sports Development Fund and the private sector if they’re feeling benevolent.

The Minister of the Office of Prime Minister, Anucha Nakasai, reported today that Thailand wanted more discount, but the final price given by FIFA is US$39 million or 1.4 billion baht from the former asking price of US$45 million or 1.6 billion baht.

The minister revealed that the National Broadcasting and Telecommunication Commission (NBTC) managed to find 600 million baht for the license. True Corporation, Thai Beverage, and PTT chipped in another 400 to 500 million baht, leaving about 400 million baht still to pay.

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Anucha added that the government has gone cap in hand to several companies in the private sector to help share the expense. In the worst case scenario, if the government can’t raise the necessary funds they will take the money out of the National Sports Development Fund.

Thairath reported that the Director of the Sports Authority of Thailand, Kongsak Yodmanee, is planning to meet television channel chief executives today to discuss the broadcasting plan.

Khaosod reported last Monday that the deal should be finalised tomorrow, November 18, and the broadcasting cost plus 15% tax needs to be transferred to FIFA by Saturday, November 19 before the first match is due to be broadcasted.

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