Father and daughter targetted by gunmen over land dispute

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A father and daughter are living in fear after their home was targeted by gunmen, prompting them to post police reports on their door and trees to deter further attacks. The incident is believed to be linked to a dispute over valuable land.

Kamin, a 74 year old homeowner in Thung Pho, Nong Chang District, Uthai Thani Province, reported that two people had previously harassed him. In mid-April, around 10pm to 11pm, two suspects on a motorcycle stopped in front of his house. Sensing danger, Kamin hid in the bathroom and watched as the intruders fired a shot into his home. After the gunmen left, he checked the damage and found shotgun marks, sharing the ordeal with his two daughters who warned him to stay vigilant.

Kamin explained that the harassment is connected to a long-standing conflict with his ex-wife, Buddee. They separated approximately 20 years ago but share a child and had registered their marriage, owning 25 rai of land along the Nong Chang-Lan Sak road in Thung Nangam. Following their separation, both Kamin and Buddee remarried.

In recent years, Buddee expressed intentions to sell the land, which Kamin strongly opposed. He filed a report with the Khao Bang Kraek Police Station in 2020, fearing for his safety. Despite the report, the harassment continued. On February 7, around 5.30pm, two suspicious individuals parked in front of his house, prompting Kamin to file another report.

The tension escalated on April 13 when the gunmen fired into his home again around 10pm to 11pm. Kamin reported the incident but the case did not progress. To warn that he had reported the attacks, he posted copies of the police reports on his gate and trees.

Aomkamon, Kamin’s 23 year old daughter, recounted hearing dogs barking and then gunshots the night of the incident. She attributed the attack to the land dispute between her father and his ex-wife, reported KhaoSod.

Following the shooting, their dog was poisoned, but Aomkamon managed to save it in time.

“We want the police to follow up on this case because we are living in constant fear. The intruders usually come during local festivals when loud music is playing, and they harass us regularly.”

The family hopes that making their police reports visible will deter further attacks and that authorities will take more decisive action to ensure their safety.

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