Fat cat survives after falling from 6th floor, breaking car window

Photo by Apiwat Toyothaka

A fat cat managed to survive a fall from the sixth floor of a condominium in Bangkok, breaking the rear window of a car parked below. The car owner, upon discovering that the mischievous culprit was an adorable and overweight feline weighing 8.5 kilograms, graciously forgave the fat cat.

The owner of the broken rear car window, Apiwat Toyothaka, shared a picture of the Tom cat named Shifu and his car with a broken rear window on Facebook on Saturday, May 27. He wrote…

“The condominium manager called me at 7am and told me that a cat fell on my car. I was confused about the matter. It was just a cat falling on my car. However, that cat weighed 8.5 kilogrammes and broke the window of my car. Ok, I got it now. #NoMoreMackerel #AlwaysWithCatStory”

The pictures attached to the post revealed no visible injuries to Shifu’s body, but the rear window of the red MG sedan bored a big hole.

The condo manager, Orrasa, spoke to Channel 3 about the incident saying she received a report about the fat cat at 7.30am on the incident day. She rushed to check and discovered broken shards of glass on the floor and the fat tabby cat underneath the car.

After checking the security cameras and questioning witnesses, Orrasa said she saw the fat cat falling from the sixth floor to the third floor and then falling to the car. Orrasa said the cat was lucky that it stopped on the third floor before falling further.

Unfortunately, the condo has a strict no-pets policy, leading them to issue a 1,000 baht charge against the fat cat’s owner.

The car owner, Apiwat, revealed to the media that he did not feel angry at Shifu and its owner because it was an accident that no one intended. Moreover, he is a cat lover and did not want anyone to blame the cat or its owner for the issue.

Apiwat also updated the condition of Shifu to his followers and his friends yesterday because many were worried about the cat. He posted pictures of the X-ray and said…

“Update Shifu’s condition (Shifu is named after the character in the animation called Kung Fu Panda). Shifu is doing well. He eats, drinks, and excretes as normal. His body bears no wounds or bruises, except for the absence of two of his claws.”

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