Family Pit Bull attacks 8 year old girl in central Thailand

An 8 year old girl was seriously injured after she was attacked by her family dog at around 4pm yesterday in Samut Prakan province, central Thailand. The child said she was skateboarding in the kitchen when the Pit Bull – Thai mixed breed dog suddenly got up and repeatedly bit her head and hands.

Grade 3 student Apichada Khampan was found sitting on a paint bucket in a pool of blood at her family home in Phra Samut Chedi district yesterday evening. She had two dog bites on her head, around 2cm and 4cm long respectively. Thai media reported that her left hand had been “chewed” by the dog.

The dog in question was the family’s pet Cola, a 10 year old Pit Bull – Thai mixed breed dog. The child’s father said he took on the dog when its previous owner passed away. He said he had raised the dog for many years and it had never been aggressive or bitten anyone in the house before. He said he doesn’t know why Cola attacked his daughter this time.

Apichada said she was skateboarding next to the washing machine near where Cola was lying down when the dog suddenly got up and bit her. She called her relatives for help who were asleep at the time.

Apichada’s 39 year old father Wirat Khampan said he was lying down when he heard his daughter screaming and his dog barking. He rushed into the kitchen and got Cola off his daughter and tied him up. Then, he called an ambulance for help.

The child received first aid at the scene and was taken to Phra Samut Chedi Hospital for treatment.

In March, two children narrowly escaped when three Pit Bulls broke into their family home and killed their cat in Kanchanaburi province, western Thailand.


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