Ex-teacher charged over assault in Thai Constitution Association case

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Don Mueang District Court ordered an investigation into a retired teacher‘s behaviour after he allegedly assaulted and defamed the secretary of the Thai Constitution Protection Organisation. A judgment is scheduled for 11 July

The case involving Thotsaphol Thannonsophonkhun, a 67 year old retired teacher, is set to take a significant step forward. He has been accused by the Tung Song Hong Police of assaulting and defaming Srisuwan Janya, the secretary of the Thai Constitution Protection Organisation, reported KhaoSod.

The incident occurred when the teacher attempted to file a complaint with the Election Commission (EC) regarding the Thai Government’s policy of distributing 10,000 baht in digital money introduced by the Pheu Thai Party. Consequently, an investigator accused Thotsaphol of two charges, namely bodily harm and defamation, before placing him in custody and transferring him to the public prosecutor and Don Mueang District Court.

Meanwhile, the Don Mueang District Court has ordered an investigation into the background and behaviour of the defendant to assess the truthfulness of the allegations in the context of the case and to further examine the victim’s statement. The court has scheduled the hearing for 11 July at 1.30pm.

The court’s instruction to probe the defendant’s past highlights the importance of understanding the context and motivations behind this incident.

As the case moves forward, further information from the investigation and the hearing will determine the outcome of the charges brought forward against the retired teacher. Ultimately, the focus will be on ensuring a just and fair resolution for all parties involved.

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