Couple shot dead in house, ex-husband suspected as murderer

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A Thai couple were shot dead in their house in the central province of Phetchaburi yesterday. Police suspect the woman’s ex-husband is the murderer.

Officers from Bueng Sam Phan Police Station were alerted to the scene by a parcel delivery worker who discovered the couple’s lifeless bodies in their house. The victims were reported to be a 40 year old man named Surachai Weerakarn and a 41 year old woman named Kanyarat Buddasook.

Upon arrival, officers found Surachai with a cut wound to his left ear and a shot wound to his head. Kanyarat’s body was found nearby, also with a gunshot wound. The couple is believed to have died less than three hours before their bodies were discovered.

The officers recovered two 9-millimetre bullet shells on the scene, and Surachai’s pickup truck was found parked in front of the house with its doors left open.

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Surachai’s aunt, 69 year old Somkid Jongmesook, told police that the murder was motivated by an adulterous affair. She revealed that Surachai only met Kanyarat a month ago and she moved into the house just 15 days before the shooting incident.

Another relative, 47 year old Thawee Datekorn, told the police that he often visits Surachai to hang out and drink alcohol together. He said that Surachai did not have conflicts with anyone before and was loved by friends.

The Bueng Sam Pha community leader, Charn Yotsombat, also visited the house in the morning, approximately seven hours before the shooting occurred. He stated that he did not observe anything suspicious at the time of his visit.

The police added that they questioned people in the community and Surachai relatives and uncovered evidence that Kanyarat’s ex-husband had previously visited the area and looked for her. The officers also believe that the murder was motivated by an adulterous affair.

A search for the gunman is currently underway.

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