Couple escapes multi-million baht debt after performing rituals in Thai cemetery

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A couple, grappling with a multi-million-baht debt, successfully revitalised their business by conducting rituals in a cemetery. The subsequent success prompted them to host a lavish feast for the spirits, featuring 23 Chinese banquet tables and movie screenings in the graveyard. The event took place today, in the cemetery of Sa Wang Het, Thung Hiang, Phanat Nikhom, and Chon Buri.

The couple, Toong and Oi, began their evening by offering prayers to the cemetery’s guardian deity and its unclaimed spirits. Soon after, the number 969 miraculously appeared on a burning joss stick. This number was taken by lottery enthusiasts, who were ready to try their luck in the upcoming draw.

The couple had previously dined at Vinai Rattavitayakorn’s Chinese banquet restaurant, Nay Pochana, falling in love with the food’s taste. So much so, that they hired Rattavitayakorn to cater the spirit feast at the cemetery. The feast included eight different dishes prepared to feed the spirits residing there.

While screening movies and hosting the Chinese banquet in the cemetery, the couple revealed that they had made a vow in the past. While passing through the cemetery near Wat Nen Lang Tao, they promised the spirits residing there that if they could pay off their debt and find success in their business, they would return to host a feast and screen movies for them.

After making the cemetery rituals vow, their business began to flourish, and they were able to pay off their debts, which were once in the millions. With their financial situation stabilised, they quickly organised the promised feast at the Wat Nen Lang Tao cemetery and a second one on the following day. The couple’s belief in the unseen was reinforced by their business’s transformation from constant struggles to steady growth after their vow at the two cemeteries.

The total cost for these events was over 100,000 baht. Additionally, the couple once more sought good fortune by burning joss sticks inscribed with numbers, hoping to win the lottery draw on November 16. The number revealed was 969, which they plan to use to test their luck, reported KhaoSod.

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