Chiang Mai lottery fever spikes with lucky numbers for Chinese New Year

The bustling city of Chiang Mai is witnessing a surge in the popularity of lottery tickets as locals eagerly seek out auspicious numbers for the upcoming draw on February 1. The demand is particularly high for numbers associated with Chinese New Year, which aligns with the Year of the Dragon according to the Chinese calendar.

In the early hours of this morning, across various markets and key areas such as Mahidol Road in Muang District, the Chiang Mai-Lamphun Road in Saraphi District, near the railway station, the Chiang Mai Gate, and the Arcade Transport Station, lottery vendors are experiencing steady sales.

The going rate for a single lottery ticket remains at 100 baht, while bundled tickets are priced between 110 and 120 baht. Some vendors even offer beautifully numbered sets for as much as 150 baht each.

A lottery vendor from the Chiang Mai-Lamphun area, Pannee, mentioned that sales are consistent and that the Chinese New Year’s date of February 8, along with the subsequent days for worship and leisure on February 9 and 10, are influencing purchasing trends.

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Numbers such as 245, 536, 24, and 45 are flying off the shelves, and even Valentine’s Day on February 14 is sparking interest among buyers. Traditional lucky numbers like 39, 26, 28, 86, 18, 89, 88, 84, and 08 continue to be hot picks.

Ploypairin, an expert in lottery number predictions based on astrological readings and regional trends in the north of Thailand, suggested that for the upcoming lottery draw on Thursday, February 1. numbers relating to pairs and companions such as 5 and 1 are to be watched.

Double numbers

Two-digit numbers to look out for include 15, 56, 63, 13, 91, 95, 16, 96, 93, 59, 53, 55, 99, and 11. She also hinted at the possibility of double numbers being drawn, urging players to be mindful of all the numbers she has provided: 5, 9, 3, 6, and 1. For three-digit numbers, she listed 391, 563, 963, 995, 669, 533, 135, 539, 951, and 169 as potential winners.

The president of the Chiang Mai Association of Lottery Vendors for the Disabled commented on the competition between the official lottery and the underground lottery, noting the latter’s advancement to online platforms.

With the ability to bet via mobile applications every day and with neighbouring countries offering frequent draws even hourly for lotteries such as Hanoi, Laos, China, the Thai Government, and stocks, the illegal lottery has evolved significantly with higher prizes. To compete, official lottery prizes would need to increase substantially.

As for the high prices of official lottery tickets, it is believed that the Government Lottery Office will continue to address the issue gradually, allowing market mechanisms to take their course, reported KhaoSod.

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