Changes in Covid-19 laws impact house plant sales

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Changes in Covid-19 have impacted house plant sales, and plant growers bear the brunt of this across the country. Growers say now that lockdown rules have lifted, people don’t have time to care for plants anymore, and their sales have gone down. One plant company owner told Thai PBS in an interview that his sales have dropped between 20-30% since November. His business boomed when there were lockdowns and he had to move it from a department store to livestreaming on social media platforms.

Now that his business has returned to the department store, the owner said sales are lower than they used to be. The owner of one tree plantation in Ratchaburi said during the lockdown his plantation made over 3 million baht a month. He said his sales have now massively dropped. A plant nursery owner in Bangkok said celebrities like Urassaya Yaya Sperbund inspired people to buy plants on social media. In April 2020, the actress posted photos of herself with house plans on Instagram. She wore a green shirt to match the plant, earning over 309,000 likes.

The nursery owner, who has worked in the plant business for over 10 years, said right now, plant supplies are higher than the demand. She is shifting to exports since local demand has declined.

Source: Thai PBS World | Yaya Sperbund Instagram

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