Chaiyaphum hospital under scrutiny after sudden death of a discharged patient

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A man has sought justice for his mother’s death following a sudden cardiac arrest just after she was discharged from the emergency room of a hospital. The peculiar death of his 64 year old mother on Saturday has raised doubts about her medical treatment. The man demands a detailed investigation into the causes of her death. The incident occurred in Thailand’s northeast Chaiyaphum province.

Twenty-nine year old Phanuwat, a resident of Pak Pang, Phu Kiao district, reported the incident. His mother, Pranee, was suffering from chest pain in the early hours of Saturday morning. Phanuwat, along with his wife, Panruthai, took Pranee for treatment at a hospital in Chaiyaphum at around 8am. After a few hours of treatment, at around 12.30pm, Pranee was discharged as she was told she was normal, and her family was about to drive her home.

While they were about to reach home, they stopped for a meal. As they approached the restaurant, Pranee fell unconscious, her face turned pale, and her body turned yellow. She was rushed back to the hospital where attempts were made to resuscitate her. Sadly, Pranee couldn’t be saved, and she died after a while.

The death of Pranee has raised many questions and doubts in Phanuwat’s mind. Facilitated by the police, Phanuwat and his relatives lodged a formal complaint against the hospital for the matter. Despite conducting a post-mortem examination, the hospital was not clear about the cause of death of Pranee. Phanuwat believes that the hospital should be held accountable for the condition and treatment of Pranee, which resulted in her sudden death despite claiming her to be “normal,” reported Matichon Online. Phanuwat said…

“Since Pranee passed away on July 22, it’s been two days now on July 24, and Pranee’s body was set up to perform religious merit at home. There was not even a wreath sent from the hospital to express condolences. They have not come out to show responsibility.”

Panruthai, who accompanied Pranee to the hospital, stated that on the morning of July 22, Pranee woke them up from their sleep saying she felt dizzy and had difficulty in breathing. She requested to be taken to the hospital. She seemed exhausted and complained about chest pain and difficulty breathing, Panruthai said.

They immediately took Pranee to the hospital where she underwent treatment in the emergency room. Panruthai and Phanuwat were not allowed inside or to visit, however, they waited outside the emergency room from 8am to 10am. Still, she did not come out of the room. Phanuwat then went back home for breakfast and a bath. Later, a nurse called them to take Pranee home, saying her condition was normal.

Panruthai said that when asked about her condition, Pranee said she felt a bit better. She had some rest but was still feeling mild pain in her heart and kept complaining about it, according to Panruthai. As soon as they got her in the car, she fell asleep.

When the car reached a restaurant area in Phu Khiao, Pranee went into shock, Phanuwat said. Her body stiffened, she lost consciousness, her face turned pale, and her body turned yellow. They rushed her back to the hospital where she was taken to meet the doctor again before she died in the afternoon of July 22.

At the preliminary stage, Dr Vachira Botpiboon, a public health doctor in Chaiyaphum province said he is aware of the incident. He said he would report it to the hospital for further investigation and will find justice for everyone.

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