Cash clash ends in bellyache as Thai man shot for demanding money from ex-girlfriend

Photo via Channel 3.

A 40 year old Thai man suffered a gunshot wound to the stomach after he demanded money from his 60 year old ex-girlfriend leading to an argument and shooting.

A local grocery store owner reported the shooting to officers at Mueang Samut Prakarn Police Station after the victim, Ying, was asked to help out in his shop. The police collaborated with the nearest rescue team, which rushed to the scene to give Ying first aid and transfer him to hospital.

According to the rescue team, Ying was lying in front of the grocery store with a bullet wound in his stomach. Ying was under the influence of alcohol and unable to give the officers any information about the shooting.

Ying told the officers that he had accidentally shot himself while in his rented room, 40 metres from the grocery store. Police rushed to the room to investigate, yet they found no firearms on the premises.

Ying’s sister-in-law later arrived at his room and told police that the assailant must have been Ying’s ex-girlfriend, 60 year old Sangwian.

The sister-in-law accompanied police officers to Sangwian’s house, where she openly admitted to shooting her ex-boyfriend. Her .22 gun was confiscated as evidence and the gun was legally processed by Sangwian.

Sangwian told officers that she shot Ying in self-defence because Sangwian was trying to physically assault her to get money.

Sangwian revealed that she had been in a relationship with Ying for about a year and broke it off in July this year. However, Ying continued to ask for money and even broke into her house to steal valuables.

On the day of the incident, Ying allegedly tried to extort money from her and physically attacked her, prompting her to use her firearm in self-defence. However, Ying’s sister-in-law offered a differing perspective on the matter.

While acknowledging that Ying was indeed grappling with alcoholism and had a history of seeking money from Sangwian, she contended that shooting him was an excessive response.

She argued that Sangwian had her own issues, including jealousy and previous threats to harm Ying.

The police officers, committed to the pursuit of justice for both parties, stated their intention to interrogate Ying once he recovered.

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