Bangkok underwear thief caught with knickers in a twist at entertainment haunt

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A Thai thief who stole women’s underwear from a coin-operated laundry shop has been apprehended. The arrest occurred after the police issued an arrest warrant, and the suspect was later found at an entertainment venue. Numerous women’s undergarments were discovered hidden under the seat of his motorbike.

Police Lieutenant Colonel Jedsada Yangnok, the superintendent of Wang Thong Lang Police Station, today revealed details of the case. The incident happened in a coin-operated laundry shop within Lat Phrao Soi 112.

On Saturday, September 23, the laundry shop owner, Sunya, reported to the investigator that on September 18, around 8pm, a customer had left clothes at the shop for washing.

Once the clothes were clean, Sunya alerted the customer to collect them. However, the customer failed to do so, leaving the clothes at the shop. The next morning, the customer found that approximately five to ten pieces of women’s underwear were missing.

Checking the CCTV footage, Sunya discovered that on September 19 around 5.53am, an unidentified man had rifled through the customer’s clothes and stolen the women’s underwear before fleeing the scene, reported Khaosod.

Following the investigation, the police successfully obtained an arrest warrant for Aphichai, charged with “stealing property at night using a vehicle for convenience in the crime or transport of the property,” according to the Criminal Court’s warrant number 3355/2023 dated October 2.

That same day, around 8.20pm, the Wang Thong Lang Police Station’s investigators were able to locate and arrest the suspect at an entertainment venue on Pracha Uthit Road, Sam Sen Nok, Huai Khwang.

Found with him were a large number of women’s undergarments hidden under the seat of the motorbike he used for the crime. The suspect confessed to the charges, and he was then handed over to Wang Thong Lang Police Station’s investigator for further legal proceedings.

Further investigation revealed that the suspect had committed similar crimes in multiple locations within the Maha Thai (Lat Phrao 122) area. The investigation is ongoing to determine all the locations where the suspect had committed the crimes.

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