Cambodian worker in Thailand wins 12 million baht in lottery

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A Cambodian woman working as a labourer in Nakhon Ratchasima has become a millionaire after winning 12 million baht in the lottery. She shared the emotional moment of realising she had won, celebrating with her partner.

Reports emerged that a foreign worker had won the first prize in the lottery, amounting to 12 million baht, at Ban Khok Na Klang, Village No. 4, Sukhaiphob Phatthana Subdistrict, Soeng Sang District, Nakhon Ratchasima Province. The new millionaire is 23 year old Nat from Cambodia, and her 42 year old partner Sripai from Thailand. Nat was the one who bought the lottery tickets.

Nat revealed she has legally worked in Thailand for eight years, initially as a corn picker and factory worker, and currently as a gardener in Ban Khok Na Klang. Four days before the lottery draw, she and her partner visited a local market in Nong Khae-Nong Toom, Sukhaiphob Phatthana Subdistrict.

At the market, she saw a lottery stall and decided to buy two tickets featuring the number 90, which she favoured. After purchasing the tickets, she went to pay homage at the village shrine, known as San Pu Mong, a revered site where locals often seek blessings.

Nat mentioned that she had made a vow to bring an electronic music band to perform at the shrine if she won the first prize. The night before the lottery draw, Nat dreamt that Pu Mong visited her, standing at her feet and smiling before leaving.

Sripai, also known as Lek, shared that she dreamt of seeing a pile of lottery tickets. Upon waking, she mentioned the dream to Nat but did not think much of it. They checked the lottery results yesterday afternoon and discovered they had indeed won the first prize with ticket number 205690. Overwhelmed with joy, they embraced each other and found it hard to believe their luck, describing it as a dream come true.

Back to Cambodia

Nat plans to use her prize money to open a business in her hometown of Kampong Thom Province, Cambodia. She will no longer work as a labourer and intends to manage her finances carefully. Before leaving Thailand, she will fulfil her vow at the Pu Mong shrine.

Nat and Sripai’s employer, 61 year old Nu Taithong expressed happiness for his hardworking employees. He described them as diligent and resilient workers who never complained, reported Sanook.

Nu confirmed that Nat, a legal Cambodian worker, possesses all necessary documents, including a passport and work permit. He had already accompanied them to the Soeng Sang Police Station to record the event as evidence before they went to Bangkok to claim the prize and deposit the money into Nat’s account.

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