Bite back: Call for Thai Parliament to ban shark fin consumption

Photo courtesy of WildAid and Love Wildlife Foundation press release

To safeguard marine ecosystems, WildAid and Love Wildlife Foundation penned an open letter to Thailand’s Parliament, urging an immediate halt to the serving and consumption of shark fin.

This call to action follows shocking revelations of shark fin soup being dished out at Parliament House, sparking outrage among conservationists and environmentalists alike.

In a detailed plea to the President of the National Assembly of Thailand, both organisations stress the urgent need to cease the tradition of serving shark fin at parliamentary events and celebrations. This crusade comes on the heels of Dr Tossaporn Serirak’s public disclosure of a photograph featuring the controversial dish on his personal Facebook page, igniting a firestorm of debate across the nation.

“Should the Parliament House serve shark fin soup to members of the Parliament?”

Dr Serirak posed the question in his social media post, echoing the concerns of many environmental activists. The joint initiative by WildAid and Love Wildlife Foundation aims to raise awareness among Thailand’s lawmakers about the devastating impact of shark consumption on marine biodiversity.

Quoting the organisations’ representatives, Dr Petch Manopawitr and Nancy L. Gibson, the letter underscores the critical role sharks play in maintaining the delicate balance of ocean ecosystems. With global shark populations dwindling at an alarming rate, driven primarily by demand for their fins, urgent action is imperative to avert ecological catastrophe.

Dr Manopawitr highlighted the success of WildAid’s ongoing campaign against shark fin consumption.

“Over the past six years, the general public has become increasingly aware that consuming shark fin is no longer sustainable.”

Despite recent declines in urban consumption, the survey findings reveal a persistent appetite for shark fin among Thais, underscoring the need for continued advocacy and awareness initiatives, according to WildAid and Love Wildlife Foundation press release.

This latest appeal builds upon previous efforts by conservation groups to curtail the consumption of shark fin in Thailand. Notably, a coalition of NGOs, including WildAid, rallied against the government’s silence on the issue following a controversial banquet in 2019.

As global momentum towards ending shark fin consumption gains traction, Thailand’s Parliament faces mounting pressure to lead by example in promoting sustainable practices.

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