Buzz around relic-embedded Buddha statue in Ban Khai District

Image courtesy of Sanook.

A renowned temple in the Ban Khai District of Rayong recently created a buzz with the construction of a colourful rendition of the Buddha statue, featuring vibrant green, yellow, and red hues. This edition, known as the Wat Taek version of the Buddha, also comprises relics of famous eastern monks, making it a hot topic among Buddhist statue enthusiasts.

The construction ceremony for the Buddha statue, which took place on September 3, was held at the Pu Ratsi Sipsay Tham temple located in Ban Chong Lom. This temple, situated in Moo 10, Bang But, Ban Khai, Rayong, witnessed the creation of a distinctively lively Buddha statue, the Wat Taek version, that stood out for its vibrant colours.

The Buddha statue, unlike previous versions, was an amalgamation of green, yellow, and red, making it a hot topic amongst enthusiasts. The statue also included relics of renowned monks from the eastern region, familiar to those well-versed in Buddhist virtues. Some of these famous monks included Luang Pu Tim Isarigo from Wat Laharn Rai, Seepung Luang Phor Thap from Wat Krabok Kheun Phung, and Luang Phor Roi from Wat Tha Ruea Klaeng.

In addition to this, the statue awakening ceremony, scheduled for September 10, saw the participation of several distinguished monks. The ceremony was led by Luang Phor Samnuek Thawaro, the rising star monk of Ban Khai District, Rayong.

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The colourful Wat Taek Buddha statue’s construction aimed to raise funds for building a three-monk pavilion for Luang Phor Ngen, Luang Phor Thong, and Luang Phor Nark.

The temple, currently lacking the necessary funds, had opened reservations for only 300 queues. However, the number of attendees exceeded the available queues, leaving some Buddha statue enthusiasts and locals disappointed due to the limited number of colourful Buddha statues, which are now sold out, reported Sanook.

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