British expat missing for a week in Chiang Mai

Photo via Review Chiang Mai and Kastro Freeman

A foreigner took to social media to seek help after his British friend went missing in Chiang Mai province in northern Thailand.

Kastro Freeman, a member of a Facebook group called Chiang Mai News in English, shared a picture of his missing friend, 46 year old Dominic Boyle, on Wednesday, April 26, with a caption that said…

“Howdy all, our friend, my housemate Dom has been missing for about a week now. He hasn’t passed through immigration, the police haven’t any information and his phone has been turned off. He wasn’t in the best head space when we last heard from him. Last seen around April 20 in various places, Loi Kroh and surrounding. If you wouldn’t mind sharing. Thanks.”

According to Channel 7 report, the man was last seen around Loi Kroh Road and the surrounding areas near Chiang Mai Night Bazaar.

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A Thai woman named Tangmo, who works at a restaurant in the Loi Kroh area, reported to the media that Boyle was a regular customer, known to the staff as “Uncle Dom.” She noted that his last visit was on April 16 when he arrived on his motorcycle.

Many Thai and foreign members of the Facebook group expressed their concerns about Boyle’s disappearance, and many recommended he contacts the British Embassy. Others suggested that he might be receiving treatment at a hospital in the province, and the Tourist Police should reach out for information from each hospital.

Police officers in Chiang Mai and Boyle’s friend have not yet updated any development of the search.

The Loi Kroh neighbourhood, where Boyle was last seen, is a well-known red-light area in Chiang Mai. The street is packed with several entertainment venues and street food stores. It is located near the souvenir market, Chiang Mai Night Bazaar.

There is still hope for his safe return as exemplified by the case of a German woman with Alzheimer’s, 76 year old Barbara Elisabeth Monika Glag Lange, who went missing for seven days from the Mai Khao hotel in Phuket last year.

She was eventually discovered by the local police and rescue team at Sirinath National Park in the province, and after being treated for exhaustion and weakness at Bangkok Hospital Phuket, she was reunited with her family. Her family promised not to let her travel alone again.

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