Border agencies instructed to look out for gun smuggling along Myanmar border

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Thai border agencies have been instructed to be even more vigilant along the border with Myanmar to ensure weapons aren’t smuggled out of the Land of Smiles.

Defence spokesman Lt Gen Kongcheep Tantrawanich says the order was handed down from Deputy PM Prawit Wongsuwon amid recent reports that arms dealers were smuggling military-grade weapons into Myanmar where fighting between the ruling and rebel forces has increased. Kongcheep says the DPM ordered security intelligence agencies to focus on gathering information on the sources of the weapons, as well as the transportation routes used, and the financial channels that smugglers used.

The Bangkok Post says recent arrests of gunrunners in Chon Buri showed a web of connections that extended to state officials. Kongcheep adds that the investigation has grown, without providing further details on what the growth entailed. The spokesman adds that Prawit says Thailand does not condone violence in any form in Myanmar. Prawit has ordered military, police, and other officials to increase their security efforts concerning their weapons and explosives to ensure nothing is stolen.

Prawit says, via the spokesman, that he wants units that have had weapons stolen from to be investigated further; apprehend whoever was responsible, and retrieve the stolen weapons before the guns are used for violence.

Recently, 2 defence corps volunteers were arrested for their alleged involvement in stealing defence corps guns.

SOURCE: Bangkok Post

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