Boom Mookatha pauses free meal campaign following exploitation

Yutthaphum Kaewkhem, also known as Boom Mookatha, recently expressed disappointment over his social campaign, which offered free meals to pregnant women, disabled people, children, older, and rescuers at his hotpot restaurant. His goodwill, however, was exploited, leaving him deeply disheartened.

Boom revealed that he allowed these groups to eat for free at his restaurant, Toey Katha, for the past three years. He had a clear rule that those wishing to eat free must show their identity card and are allowed one free meal a month. Despite encountering various types of people since the campaign’s inception, he always tried to let things pass. But a recent incident left him shocked.

A group of eight disabled individuals who were deaf and blind came to use their free meal privilege. The restaurant staff arranged a hotpot set for eight people, along with ice and drinks. After finishing their food, they continued eating, and as the restaurant started to get crowded, the staff had to clear their table.

One of the eight ordered an alcoholic beverage buffet. The staff noticed that the drinks were finishing unusually fast and upon closer inspection, discovered that all eight were sharing the beer. Initially, the staff did not notice this as the restaurant usually serves drinks in a jug, making it hard to identify the beverages.

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Upon observing the eight sharing six pitchers in total, it became apparent they were drunk. The staff then went to charge for the additional drinks. Only two of the disabled individuals paid, claiming they had no money, and then left.

Upon posting this incident on social media, the group of eight disabled individuals returned to the restaurant the next day, demanding to meet Boom and asking him to delete the post. They waited for about an hour before finally leaving.

Another incident concerned ten disabled customers who came together but sat at separate tables, each ordering a hotpot set. Normally, for a group of ten, Boom would prepare two large sets sufficient for all. Apart from these incidents, there have been cases of customers being rude to the staff.

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On the other hand, Boom also mentioned incidents where disabled individuals were kind and respectful. For instance, a blind individual who used his free meal privilege at the restaurant came back the next day to support the business, expressing his intention to save money to dine with friends and support Boom.

In light of these events, Boom decided to pause the campaign to reconsider the measures required to prevent exploitation. He believes that such incidents should not occur, whether at his or any other restaurant.

Business owners aim to do good deeds and share the positive with disabled individuals, hoping they can enjoy a satisfying meal and experience happiness. Boom requested everyone not to take advantage of their goodwill, reported KhaoSod

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