Bangkok woman’s unexpected fall in lift shaft sparks high-rise rescue

Photo courtesy of NAKON45 อัญวุฒิ โพธิ์อำไพ (Facebook)

A Facebook user named NAKON45, also known as Anyawut Po-ampai, reported an alarming incident today. A woman had unexpectedly fallen into a lift shaft within a building located in the Bang Na district of Bangkok.

Officials were quickly alerted to assist, with the Ruamkatanyu Foundation dispatching a high-rise rescue team equipped with the necessary tools to help the woman who had fallen into the lift shaft of the building situated in Sukhumvit Soi 66/1, reported KhaoSod. The hope was that everyone involved would remain safe throughout the ordeal.

The post attracted a multitude of comments, with many expressing their wishes for the safety of the woman involved. Eventually, officials were able to successfully rescue the woman from the predicament, ensuring her safety.

In related news, a TikTok video shared by user @dreamiiqueen has gone viral, depicting a terrifying ordeal of being trapped alone in a lift that continuously ascends and descends.

The video, titled ‘The first and last time with this incident #stucklift #trappedinlift #lift,’ has amassed over 2.4 million views. It captures the young Thai woman’s distress as the lift unexpectedly stops on an unselected and under-construction floor, ultimately reaching floor 58, leaving her in shock and tears.

In the footage, she presses the emergency button, seeking guidance from officials over the intercom. Despite her efforts, the lift persists in moving, opening on the unselected floor 58. The incident resonates with other users who share their lift-related fears and experiences.

The video sparked a heated discussion on the significance of having a mobile signal in lifts, as some users expressed relief that @dreamiiqueen could communicate during the ordeal. The shared experience generated a wave of empathy and support, with virtual hugs and positive vibes sent to the young woman, highlighting the emotional impact of such unnerving situations.

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