Bangkok police raid notorious Don Mueang gambling den again

Bangkok’s Don Mueang district was the scene of a police raid on Saturday as an old futsal stadium, notorious for its continued operation as a gambling den, was targeted yet again. The site, known for its resilience in the face of repeated shutdowns, has seen at least ten raids over several years.

Leading a 30-officer team was the Superintendent of Don Mueang police station, Police Colonel Sukrit Mangklasawas, who targeted the gambling den nestled within the old futsal stadium on Soi Song Prapha 1.

Despite the gates being barricaded and the surroundings laced with barbed wire, the team managed to infiltrate the stadium under the authority of a warrant issued by the Don Mueang Kwaeng Court. The entry required some officers to scale a fence and sever multiple locks to permit backup officers’ access.

Upon entry, the team discovered three interlinked rooms, their interiors bolstered with soundproof materials. A total of four gamblers and six other individuals were apprehended, and numerous pieces of gambling equipment were confiscated.

This particular den has been a recurring thorn in the side of the authorities, having been raided multiple times in recent years alone. The last raid on record took place on December 29 of the previous year, resulting in the arrest of 65 individuals.

The den, run by an individual recognised as Amnuay, was subsequently shut down. Amnuay, who was handed a two years and eight months prison sentence in 2022 for a separate offence, is currently out on bail appealing the case.

Despite the recurrent shutdowns, the gambling den has managed to resurrect itself time and again. Each closure has been followed by a brief hiatus, during which renovations to the premises are undertaken before operations resume. The most recent police search of the site occurred on March 27, when gambling equipment was seized, but no gamblers were discovered.

Despite the repeated raids and fleeting shutdowns, the gambling den has managed to sustain its operations over time, reopening after each closure. The determined resilience of the den and its operators continues to pose a challenge to the authorities in their ongoing fight against illegal gambling.

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Mitch Connor

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