Bangkok official arrested for 9 million baht bribe in road plan scam

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A senior Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) official has been arrested for allegedly accepting a 9 million baht bribe to alter road construction plans to avoid a golf course, seizing luxury cars and Harley-Davidson motorcycles in the process.

At 6am today, Brigadier General Prasong Chelimpun, head of the Anti-Corruption Division, led a team of officers in the Anti-Corruption Commission Division 2, in conducting coordinated raids at five locations across Nontha Buri, Pathum Thani, and Nakhon Ratchasima provinces.

The operation aimed to arrest a network of BMA officials implicated in a bribery scheme involving the alteration of road plans to benefit Windsor Park and Golf Club.

The primary target was a residence in Ban Mai, Pak Kret, Nontha Buri, belonging to Peemphong, a senior engineer in the BMA’s Rights Management Division, and his wife.

Upon arrival, officers found Peemphong and his wife resting and promptly executed a search warrant. The search revealed a Mercedes-Benz, a Toyota Camry, and five Harley-Davidson motorcycles, said an officer.

“We have conducted a thorough search and seized significant evidence.”

The investigation is ongoing, with further inspections of the seized items to be conducted. Authorities will hold a formal press conference at 4pm today to present the overall results of the operations at all five locations.

The raids were initiated based on evidence indicating that Peemphong and his associates were involved in soliciting a 9 million baht bribe to modify the boundary of the Liabwaree Road project, ensuring it did not encroach upon the Windsor Park and Golf Club.

This illicit activity was allegedly coordinated to benefit certain private interests at the expense of public infrastructure plans, said Prasong.

“Our goal is to root out corruption and ensure transparency in public office.”

The investigation has highlighted the extent to which some public officials may go to exploit their positions for personal gain. The discovery of high-value assets like luxury cars and motorcycles suggests the proceeds of the bribery were used to acquire expensive items, further underscoring the magnitude of the corruption.

The Thai authorities continue to scrutinise the financial records and communications of those involved to uncover any additional parties who may have participated in or benefited from the bribery scheme.

The Anti-Corruption Division’s actions today reflect a broader effort to maintain integrity within government institutions, ensuring that public projects serve the community’s best interests rather than private entities.

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