Bangkok condo guard allegedly punched British woman (video)

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A British woman and her Thai husband are pursuing justice following an incident at their Bangkok condominium where a security guard allegedly punched the woman in the face, resulting in severe mental health issues. CCTV footage, however, shows that the foreign woman initiated the physical altercation.

Yesterday, April 25, Boon-ek Wongsuriyawattana, a 46 year old Thai man, accompanied his 37 year old British wife, Ayesa Jane Cox, to seek assistance from the Foundation Campaigning to Reclaim Social Justice (CRSJ).

Boon-ek said the physical assault occurred at about 3.30am on December 12, 2021, at his luxury condominium in Chong Nonsi neighbourhood in the Yannawa district of Bangkok. They bought the condo room for over 10 million baht but had never returned to the place after the attack due to his wife’s mental health.

Boon-ek recounted leaving their condo early that morning to retrieve items from their car in the condo’s parking lot. Cox, from Eastbourne, became worried when he did not return promptly and went to look for him.

Cox approached the security guard, 27 year old Mohammad Ayan, who was sleeping on a counter and asked about Boon-ek. Mohammad, angered by her disturbance, refused to provide information.

Cox asked to review the condo’s security footage, and Mohammad directed her to another location. When the British woman turned her back to the security guard, he approached her and suddenly punched her in the face until she collapsed to the ground.

Boon-ek said he heard his wife screaming and rushed to help her. He carried her back to their room while the security guard escaped from the scene and never showed up for work the next day.

Mental illness

Boon-ek demands justice for his wife, noting that the attack resulted in facial fractures and bruising, as well as severe mental health issues.

Following the incident, Cox developed depression and PTSD. She secluded herself in her condo room and refused to go to the hospital, refusing medical treatment for over two months.

The absence of proper treatment led to her face becoming deformed. Boon-ek disclosed that he opted to secretly administer sleeping pills to her and took her to the hospital, where she underwent multiple surgeries and received psychological care.

The couple revealed that they had just taken legal steps against Mohammad last year after Cox’s mental illness improved. They filed a complaint at Bang Pong Pang Police Station and submitted the case to the court. An arrest warrant was issued but the guard had not yet been arrested.

Boon-ek revealed that he found Mohammad’s security guard license to be counterfeit, and the security company he was employed by declined to cooperate, dismissing the altercation as a personal issue. Boon-ek urged authorities to apprehend Mohammad and investigate both his and the security company’s licences.

The CRSJ Foundation vowed to support the couple’s pursuit of justice and urged the Metropolitan Police Bureau to investigate the case further.

Another side of the story

CCTV footage of the incident was later posted on Thai social media, showing another side of the story. The video shows Cox and the security guard having a heated argument at the counter. Cox then initiated the attack by slapping the guard in the face, prompting the guard to retaliate by punching her.

Several Thai netizens pointed out that the guard launched the attack in response to Cox’s aggressive action. Some said the guard should remain calm and reported the incident to the police instead of fighting back.

However, the security company and Mohammad himself have not yet come forward to clarify further details.

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