Barking mad: Residents howl over stray dog treatment in Chon Buri

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A local teacher and a resident in the Bang Lamung district of Chon Buri province yesterday raised concerns over the handling of stray dogs by municipal officers, alleging inhumane treatment after the animals were sedated and left in a forest, leading to the death of one dog.

The incident sparked a plea for more compassionate and responsible animal control practices.

A 40 year old local school teacher, Busaba Channon, and 57 year old Ubon Homejuangjang, expressed their distress over the fate of the stray dogs they had been caring for. These dogs, which had been fed and looked after by the two women, were reported by other locals to be a nuisance.

Consequently, the municipal authorities were notified to inspect the situation.

With tears, the teacher recounted how officials tranquillised the dogs. However, one panicked and ran into the forest, only to be found dead later in a tragic state. Moreover, it was discovered that some of the captured dogs were merely relocated and abandoned in isolated areas.

Ubon highlighted that these strays had never caused any trouble and that she had personally financed their neutering. Yet, some dogs were reportedly neutered again by the authorities, resulting in injuries without subsequent care.

The women urge related agencies to provide better aftercare for the dogs once captured and not to view them merely as disposable animals. They have filed a report with the Bang Lamung Police Station, seeking legal action against those involved, reported Khaosod.

The situation sheds light on the larger issue of stray animal management and the need for more ethical and effective solutions. The concern for these animals’ welfare is not just a matter of compassion but also responsible community engagement.

The women’s call for action resonates with animal welfare advocates who argue for a more humane approach to stray animal control, measures that ensure the safety of the animals.

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