Bahraini man suspected of murdering Thai wife (video)

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The family of a Thai woman accused her Bahraini husband of murdering her at his home in Bahrain. The woman died last year but the embassy only notified the dead woman’s family in April.

The dead woman’s mother, 55 year old Aomjai Sakarin, visited Suvarnabhumi International Airport yesterday, May 16, to collect the dead body of her 31 year old daughter, Kayakarn Kaennakham, from Bahrain.

Kayakarn ceased communication with her family in April last year and news of her death only came to light in April this year. The Thai community in Bahrain generously donated approximately 92,000 baht to Kayakarn’s family to cover the costs of repatriating her body.

Speaking to Channel 7 and ThaiRath, Aomjai disclosed that Kayakarn had gone to Bahrain in 2021 in pursuit of better employment opportunities to support her three children in Thailand. Subsequently, she informed Aomjai of her marriage to a Bahraini man and their move-in together at the start of 2022.

During their video calls, Kayakarn often exhibited bruises and injuries allegedly inflicted by her husband’s physical abuse. However, in April of last year, all attempts to contact Kayakarn proved futile. Her children resorted to social media to solicit assistance in locating her, but regrettably, their efforts were in vain.

Aomjai explained that the Thai embassy in Bahrain contacted her in April, informing her that Bahraini authorities discovered the dead body of an unidentified Thai woman on April 18, 2023. The deceased was later identified as Kayakarn.

The Bahraini medical team concluded that Kayakarn died of lung and heart failure due to alcohol poisoning. However, her mother is not convinced, as Kayakarn’s body showed signs of bruising, leading her to suspect that her foreign son-in-law may have beaten her to death.

Aomjai contacted the Pavena Foundation for Children and Women to facilitate an autopsy in Thailand. So, her body was transferred to the Police General Hospital in Bangkok to determine the true cause of death.

The Pavena Foundation reports that five Thai women have died abroad between January and April this year, with the causes of their deaths unclear. Thai authorities face challenges in investigating their deaths as they occur in foreign countries.

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