Mysterious death in Dubai of Thai worker prompts urgent investigation

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A 49 year old woman from Nakhon Ratchasima province unknowingly embarked on a journey for casual labour to Dubai, only to mysteriously die three days after her arrival. Her shocked family has turned to the Pavena Hongsakul Foundation for help, nine months after her unknown mysterious death, to aid them in bringing their relative’s body back to Thailand and help unravel the cause of her unexpected death.

Described by her nephew as the family’s backbone, she was also the main provider for her 85 year old mother. She had been abroad on several occasions for work, but her last trip to Dubai took a toll on her life on October 3 last year. Her husband, who works in Chon Buri province, lost contact with her three days after her departure, during which she confided her desire to return home.

Her disappearance led to an extensive nine month search by Thai citizens in Dubai, who finally broke the sad news of her death to her family on July 13. She died three days after she arrived in Dubai, but it took nine months of rigorous search by the Thai community, aided by Facebook, to finally track down her relatives. They provided her passport and UAE-issued death certificate as evidence of her death.

This devastating revelation led her family to turn to the Pavena Hongsakul Foundation to aid in repatriating her remains back to Thailand and investigate the mysterious cause of her passing.

Foundation head, Paveena Hongsakul, has sought help from Ruj Thammamongkol, the Director of the Department of Consular Affairs, to not only assist the grieving family in getting her remains back to Thailand but also to investigate the cause of her death. Paveena is due to catch up with the proceedings at the Department of Consular Affairs on August 3.

Reflecting on the tragic mysterious death, Paveena offered a word of caution to Thais considering opportunities abroad, citing an alarming rise in cases of deception leading to undocumented and illegal work. The Pavena Foundation received complaints from 255 Thai citizens who had fallen victim to such fraudulent work schemes abroad between January to July, reported Sanook.

Nations like Myanmar, Dubai, Bahrain, Cambodia, and Malaysia, ranked high on the list, along with several others like India, Sri Lanka, Korea, and Ghana.

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