Antisocial neighbour jailed for smashing up car

A reign of terror from an antisocial neighbour takes a short break after he was jailed for smashing the windscreen of a car owner with a gun.

The pest’s unruly behaviour has caused chaos for years in a village in the Bang Bua Thong area of Nonthaburi province near Bangkok

The neighbourhood nuisance, 38-year-old Jeerasak Khaosook, held his wife and child hostage six years ago. He now lives alone after they left him.

Since then, he has terrorised the community, committing acts of violence, making residents nearby leave or abandon their homes, culminating in Jeerasak damaging the car of his 45 year old neighbour, Krailerk.

A CCTV camera captures the out of control Jeerasak smashing a gun against the windscreen of the car causing cuts to his arm and resulting in blood splashing all over the vehicle’s roof and window on Monday, October 9, at 7am.

Krailerk reported the incident to Bang Bua Thong Police Station. Officers immediately came out, arrested the unruly man and jailed him for a month.

Krailerk said he did not know about Jeerasak and his reputation for violence when he and his wife moved to the village six months ago.

Many neighbours allege the man is under the influence of drugs and as a consequence has a mental illness. Residents said he had been committing violent acts for a long time, resulting in many abandoning their homes in fear.

A 39 year old woman, Thanaporn, said the man took his wife and child as hostages six years ago and avoids going out because she is scared of Jeerasak.

Thanaporn added that Jeerasak always checks the doors of neighbours’ houses. If they are unlocked, he enters.

Another woman, Ann, is his next door neighbour. She said Jeerasak always complains about her family, throwing water at her house, spitting on the wall, and throwing bags of soil into her house.

The neighbours don’t believe one month in prison is enough. They fear Jeerasak will continue his reign of terror when he gets out of jail. They want Jeerasak’s family to take him to a hospital for treatment.

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