Anti-corruption official recommends overhaul of Thai justice system

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Former National Anti-Corruption Commissioner, and highly regarded senior public servant, Vicha Mahakun, has put forward his recommendations for an overhaul of Thailand’s justice system. Vicha recently led an independent inquiry into the handling of the case against Vorayuth “Boss” Yoovidhya, in which he uncovered evidence of corruption and conspiracy by both prosecutors and police.

The case trails back to September, 2012, when “Boss” was the driver in a family Ferrari that ran Ito the back of a motorcycle policeman, dragging him and the bike 100 metres along Sukhumvit road in Thong Lor.

The Bangkok Post reports that Vicha’s recommendations are contained in the report he presented to the PM following the conclusion of his inquiry. He says a lack of independence in police investigations makes them susceptible to corruption, adding that the truth can be twisted, and evidence tampered with. Furthermore, flaws in the current system favour the wealthy in society.

“Discrepancies exist that put the poor at a disadvantage in the justice system, which lends credence to the popular saying that ‘jails are for the incarceration of the poor’.”

Vicha says the Boss case is being re-opened, with 2 agencies examining separate angles in the investigation, namely substance abuse and corruption.

The National Anti-Corruption Commission will investigate the role played by police officers and prosecutors in dropping the charges against Vorayuth in July of this year, while the Department of Special Investigation is focusing on the accusation that the Red Bull heir had cocaine in his system when the 2012 hit-and-run incident occurred.

SOURCE: Bangkok Post

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