Ammonia leak in Udon Thani ice factory prompts evacuation

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An ammonia gas leak at an ice factory near a fresh market in Udon Thani caused panic and led to the evacuation of approximately 20 homes in the vicinity.

With temperatures soaring to 44 degrees Celsius, it is suspected that the heat and outdated equipment contributed to the incident, which occurred early in the morning.

Chaos ensued when an ice factory in the Sri Samran sub-district of Udon Thani experienced a catastrophic ammonia gas leak. The incident took place today at around 6am, causing widespread alarm as residents and market vendors fled from the noxious fumes.

The local Thai authorities quickly intervened, advising those within a 300-metre radius to evacuate immediately and seek medical attention if they came into contact with the gas.

In a swift response to the crisis, the ice factory workers managed to contain the leak by covering the tank with ice to mitigate the release of ammonia.

This is the second such incident at the facility, with a previous leak last year being far less severe. Officials reported that the leak had stopped by 9.30am, and healthcare workers, along with administrative officers, were dispatched to assist and evaluate the affected residents.

The factory, which has been operating for several years, produces 100 tonnes of ice per day and stores up to 2,400 litres of ammonia across two machines, reported KhaoSod.

The local administration and public health officials are taking measures to ensure the safety of the residents and investigate the cause of the leak.

In related news, an ice factory in Nong Prue, a tambon of Bang Lamung district, experienced an ammonia leak last Thursday morning, April 18, affecting nearly 100 people within its 1-kilometre vicinity. The incident at Banglamung Ice Plant was reported to the district chief, Weekit Manarotekit, shortly before midnight on April 17.

Emergency rescue teams quickly arrived at the scene, discovering that the leaked ammonia had contaminated an area approximately 1 kilometre in radius surrounding the facility.

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