American tourists spend more money in Thailand than Europeans, survey says

American tourists spend more money in Thailand on average than European tourists, according to a survey conducted by the Tourism Council of Thailand (TCT).

The TCT polled 200 Western tourists about their holiday spending habits during Q4 of last year.

On each trip to the kingdom, Americans said they spend 96,269 baht on average per person (US$2,887) and Europeans said they spend 90,038 baht (US$2,684).

Americans tend to stay longer, 15 days on average, and Europeans 13 days on average.

Tourists from the US splash 2,000-3,000 per night on accommodation whereas European travellers spend 1,000-2,000 on average.

Of course, it’s possible to go backpacking and travel around Thailand on a smaller budget by staying in hostels, eating street food, and taking buses/trains instead of flying domestically.

Tourists may be spending more money than usual this High Season since Thailand is granting tourists longer stays in the kingdom.

Until the end of March, Thailand is granting 45 day visa-free stays (visa exemption) to tourists from 64 countries and 30 day stays for visas for passport holders from 19 countries. The stays were increased from 30 and 15 days respectively.

When the scheme was introduced, the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) expected that the average tourist would stay in the kingdom for an extra five days thanks to the extensions.

If the average tourist spends 4000 – 5000 baht per day in Thailand, they would pump an extra 20,000 baht into the economy than they normally would by staying longer, said the TAT.

Although, tourists might have to reduce the budget of their spending money given the exorbitant cost of airfare around the globe at present.

The cost of flights is expensive in 2023 due to post-pandemic high demand, inflation and high fuel prices. Tourists are budding to travel again but flight frequency is nowhere near pre-pandemic levels just yet and tickets are pricey.

In another bid to generate more revenue from tourists, Thailand will begin implementing an entry fee on all foreign arrivals in mid-2023.

The ‘tourist tax’ will cost 300 baht for tourists arriving in Thailand by air and 150 baht for land/sea arrivals.

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