Abandoned dogs joyfully reunited with former owners in Udon Thani

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Two abandoned dogs have been joyfully reunited with their former owners after being found in a rented house, severely malnourished. The news of their rescue led their previous owners to reclaim them, bringing relief to both the animals and their human friends.

Officials in Udon Thani yesterday received reports of two abandoned dogs left in a rented house for months without food or water. Neighbours had been moved by their plight and had reached out for help. The dogs were discovered in a dire state at a residence in the Ban Duea community of the Mueang district. Animal control officers were contacted to provide immediate assistance.

The two dogs, one a Golden Retriever named Kaeb Moo and the other an American Bully named Soda, were found extremely emaciated. Kind-hearted individuals had been leaving food for them.

Fortunately, both abandoned dogs have now been reunited with their former owners. Kaeb Moo’s previous owner, 20 year old Natthawadee Silarat had given him up due to a lack of time to care for him after her father moved abroad for work.

She had announced her intention to find a new home for Kaeb Moo but was disheartened to learn he had been abandoned.

“If I had known he would be left like this, I would never have given him away.”

Left abandoned

Natthawadee saw a post about Kaeb Moo seeking a new home and contacted the person, who admitted they had no time to care for him as they were moving to Bangkok. Upon finding out Kaeb Moo was left in the house, she immediately went to retrieve him last Sunday.

Seeing him in such a poor state brought Natthawadee to tears, as he was extremely thin and without food or water.

“When he saw me, he whimpered with joy.”

Abandoned dogs joyfully reunited with former owners in Udon Thani
Kaeb Moo reunited with his previous owner, Image: KhaoSod

She later took him to a vet for a health check-up and vowed to take care of him for the rest of his life.

Soda, the American Bully, had been missing since early March. His owner, 35 year old Weerayut Phimsaka, expressed immense relief upon finding him. Weerayut owns four other dogs and has raised Soda since birth. Soda went missing on March 8, and after an extensive but fruitless search, Weerayut assumed the worst.

“We thought he was dead. He had gone missing before but always returned after two days.”

Remained hopeful

Soda had escaped when a family member left the door open. The other dogs returned but Soda did not. Despite efforts to post about Soda on social media groups, page admins did not approve the posts. Weerayut remained hopeful, thinking that Soda might have been adopted by someone else but feelings of sadness and despair still lingered.

Upon seeing news reports about the rescue, Weerayut immediately recognised Soda. The distinctive white mark on Soda’s nose confirmed his identity. He contacted the rescue officials and reclaimed Soda, who quickly settled back in with his old friends.

“Soda is very affectionate and gets along well with everyone.”

He further added Soda had been a part of the family for nearly five years. When Soda returned home, the dogs joyfully reunited, playing together as if no time had passed.

Weerayut also expressed gratitude to the young woman who had been feeding Soda while he was confined in the house. His emotional response to seeing Soda’s malnourished state highlighted the bond they shared, reported KhaoSod.

Natthawadee and Weerayut’s experiences underscore the importance of responsible pet ownership and the emotional connections between pets and their owners. Both owners are committed to providing their dogs with the care and love they deserve, ensuring their well-being from now on.

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