8 Christmas gifts to bring back with you after travelling Thailand

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If you are spending Christmas in Thailand, you may be wondering what to gift to your friends and family, especially as Thailand is a Buddhist nation. Although Christmas festivities and decor are on the rise in the country, it can still be tricky to find a Christmas gift for someone from your travels. Here, we have a list of some of the gifts you can bring back to your loved ones after spending Christmas in Thailand.


Thailand has many stalls that are sprinkled around the streets offering all kinds of jewelry. From necklaces that are already finished and ready to wear, to bead kits that you can purchase at one of the shops, it is easy to find jewellery for your loved one. Not to mention, the prices are very cheap, making buying multiple pieces affordable.

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Dried snacks

Although a home-cooked bowl of Tom Yum soup would be an ideal gift for those craving authentic Thai meals, the country has made it easy to buy many of its fruits and other delicious foods by offering them as a dried option. And, for travelling, a sealed up bag that fits nicely in your suitcase won’t risk breaking during your travels. From dried durian to dried bananas, there are plenty of snacks that can serve as a unique gift to your friends and family from Thailand.

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Thai people usually eat their meals with a spoon or chopsticks. That being said, there is a huge selection of chopsticks in which to buy, with many featuring intricate designs that can make a great gift for Christmas. One place to look for chopsticks is at Yaowarat road in Bangkok, in which holds the world’s largest Chinatown. As many Thais are of Chinese descent, you can be sure you will find chopsticks at Chinatown and other great gifts to bring back.

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Tea cups

Along with chopsticks, beautiful tea cups are also a marvelous idea to gift your friends and family upon returning from the Kingdom. Coming in different sizes, it is up to you to decide which one to take home. Each tea cup can be bought alone or with others in a set, along with a miniature kettle. And, Bangkok’s Chinatown is also great for finding tea sets or individual cups. Although you may be thinking about their fragility, most vendors do an excellent job of wrapping items to be sure they won’t break.

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Carved soap

One unique gift that you may have not thought about, is that of carved soap. As it seems to be a popular item in Southeast Asia, Thailand definitely has no shortage of beautifully carved soaps. From flowers to even adult-themed genitalia soaps, your gift will surely be accepted with a smile. Light and small, soaps can be a great gift to bring back.

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Keychains and trinkets

As it is the case all over Asia, adorable kid-like products are popular with almost everyone. And, keychains are no exception in offering a fun and quirky gift to those unsuspecting receivers. Thailand has oodles of keychains, which range from those shaped like dolls to those featuring a unicorn. Along with keychains, come trinkets in every shape and form. Most likely you will see trinkets being sold at the same stall as keychains, with many to choose from.

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Authentic Thai silk scarves

Receiving a Thai silk scarve is undoubtedly one of the best gifts from Thailand. As they are wildly popular with Thais themselves, along with the rest of the world, you can be sure it will make a great gift. Just be sure that you are well-informed about where to buy authentic scarves, as many will say they are real, but the price tag will be much lower than anything original.

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Purses, shoes, and wallets

From knock off designer brands to handmade wallets from northern villagers, there are many options for gifting shoes, wallets, and purses. Some of the more popular wallets and purses can be found in Chinatown or in large markets. These are handmade and feature lovely designs that are made from yarn.

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Gifting is always an exciting experience as it allows those giving to bring a bit of joy to those receiving. And, if you are in Thailand and planning to return home, it can be quite fun to bring back something that is reminiscent of your times in the Land of Smiles. What better way to show affection to someone through giving a unique gift from a far off land? Wishing you a happy holiday during this festive time of year!

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