2 Thai women unite to expose soldier’s extortion scheme

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Two Thai victims stepped forward to warn other women about their ex-boyfriend, a soldier in the Royal Thai Army (RTA) after he extorted money from them and recorded explicit videos involving one victim.

The first victim, 41 year old Nok, disclosed to Channel 3 that she initially encountered Lance Corporal Sun on TikTok. Sun had been interacting with her videos for over two months, though she hadn’t paid much attention to him.

They began talking via TikTok’s inbox, and Sun told Nok that he served at an army base in Ratchaburi province and was close to many high-ranking soldiers. Nok said Sun’s charm made her continue talking to him.

According to Nok, Sun frequently mentioned his financial issues, saying his salary couldn’t cover his expenses. He sent Nok pictures of his meagre meals, and she felt sorry for him, giving him 500 to 1,000 baht each time so he could eat better.

After talking for a while, Sun arranged to meet Nok at a restaurant. They returned home together and engaged in sexual activity, which Sun recorded.

Nok began to suspect Sun’s intentions after dating for some time. She noticed he always mentioned money and asked her for support, leading her to lose over 20,000 baht after a month of their relationship.

Adultery with colleague’s wife

Nok said Sun might have sensed her realisation and blocked her contact on all channels. Confident about Sun’s behaviour, Nok investigated his history and found three other women who had fallen victim to him.

Nok reported the matter to Sun’s superior, and he was ordered to pay her 100,000 baht and jailed for 15 days. However, Sun threatened and insulted Nok after his release.

Nok decided to contact other victims, including a 39 year old woman named Kai, to pursue legal action against the soldier. She and Kai want Sun expelled from the RTA.

Kai recounted how she paid for Sun’s flight to meet her in Chiang Mai and covered all his expenses, including food, transport, and designer clothes. She even gave him 3,000 baht extra to spend at his army base.

Sun demanded more and more money from Kai, causing her to distance herself. She then received a message from Nok and decided to cooperate with her to sue Sun.

Nok and Kai revealed they found Sun in a relationship with a married beauty clinic owner. They contacted her but she did not believe their warnings and defended Sun. The beauty clinic owner is reportedly the wife of a soldier serving in the same army base as Sun.

The two victims urge any other women who have fallen victim to Sun to come forward and take legal action.

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