13 year old Thai volunteer rescuer dies in drunk driving accident

A 13 year old Thai volunteer rescuer tragically died on duty in a multi-vehicle accident, the result of a collision caused by a drunk driver in Nonthaburi province, near Bangkok.

The teenage Thai rescuer, Weerayut Jindadaeng, was pronounced dead at the accident scene on the road under the Ngam Wong Wan Toll in Nonthaburi province. He suffered serious head injuries from the impact of the crash.

Another rescuer, Siwabut Khanthong, told Channel 3 that Weerayut’s uncle and father were rescuers from the Poh Teck Tung Foundation. The two inspired Weerayut to join the rescue team, adding he usually came with his uncle and father to help at accident scenes.

Siwabut recounted the accident last night to the media saying the driver of an orange SUV called the rescue team for help at around 12.30am after a tyre burst. Siwabut was the first to arrive at the scene and contacted a hydraulic forklift to move the SUV to a garage for a tyre change.

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The orange SUV was parked on the right hand lane of the road. Siwakorn turned on his car’s emergency flashing light to alert other vehicles to the parked SUV.

While waiting for the forklift, Weerayut arrived at the scene with his uncle. He stood in front of the SUV to help Siwakorn monitor the safety of motorists. Unexpectedly, a white sedan crashed into the orange SUV, causing the SUV to hit Weerayut, who was standing in front of it.

Weerayut collapsed on the road as a Mercedes Benz approached. The Mercedes Benz could not stop in time and directly hit Weerayut. The car dragged Weerayut along the road for about 100 metres before stopping.

The drivers of the white sedan and the Mercedes Benz were taken to the hospital for alcohol tests. The Mercedes Benz driver was clean but the white sedan driver’s alcohol level was over the limit. He was taken to the police station for further legal action.

Weerayut’s 30 year old father, Preecha Jindadaeng, demanded the sedan driver to take responsibility and compensate his family for the loss. Preecha said he still could not accept what had happened to his son.

“The boy did not deserve this. He had a kind heart and was good to everyone around him.”

The charges against the driver of the sedan and his identity were not revealed.

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