12 Thai people killed, 8 injured, and 11 detained in Hamas attacks

Thailand’s Centre of an Emergency Situation in Israel reported that 12 Thai nationals were killed, eight injured and 11 detained in Hamas attacks. A Thai resident in Israel, taking to Twitter, shared that he and nearly 100 fellow Thais managed to survive without any assistance from officials.

Deputy Foreign Minister Jakkapong Saengmanee stated that Thailand maintains a neutral stance in this conflict, advocating for both countries involved to work towards a peaceful two-state solution. Thailand unequivocally condemns the violations that have occurred in this crisis, though it refrains from naming specific groups responsible.

Jakkapong further disclosed that about 30,000 Thai nationals are employed in Israel, primarily in the agricultural sector. Among this group, at least 12 Thais lost their lives in the recent incident. Local authorities confirmed two of these fatalities, while the remaining 10 have been verified by their employers. Their identities have not yet been released.

Beyond the fatalities, eight Thai individuals sustained injuries during these attacks, while 11 were detained by the Hamas group.

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A widely circulated photograph on social media features four of the Thai detainees, along with one European individual. According to Amarin TV, the following Thai men were among the hostages:

  1. Kiattisak Phatee
  2. Manee Jirachart
  3. Komkrit Chombua
  4. Pongsathon
  5. Anucha Angkaew
  6. Nattaporn Onkaew
  7. Boonthom Phankong
  8. Ratthawee
  9. Owas Sasinasi
  10. Parinya Tamklang
  11. Phattana Yuttonsoklee

Thailand’s evacuation plan

In response to these dire circumstances, Thailand has formulated a comprehensive evacuation plan.

This plan involves relocating Thai citizens from the affected area to a place of safety, seeking collaboration with other nations to facilitate this process, and making preparations to employ Royal Thai Army (RTA) aircraft for their safe return to Thailand.

Jakkapong emphasised that evacuation is an option, and the Thai government will not compel those who wish to remain in Israel to return home.

There are reports from some netizens on Twitter that some Thai workers in Israel are hesitant to return to Thailand due to their desire to continue working in order to repay debts incurred during their journey to Israel.

These individuals borrowed a large sum to secure employment in Israel and sought to settle these obligations before considering their return home.

Jakkapong also said that the ambassador of the Royal Thai Embassy in Kuala Lumpur would discuss with the representative of the Palestinian Authority in Kuala Lumpur the release of the 11 detained Thais.

Thai man shares survival story

A Thai man working in Israel has asked Twitter users to help spread his story and bring him back to Thailand. He has been updating his Twitter account, @SuperBallAI, since 7 October.

The man yesterday, October 8, expressed his disappointment that the officer rescued a group of people in a nearby community, but did not come to his area, even though he was only 1 kilometre away from the crash. The phone signal was almost completely cut off. He stayed safe and hid.

Eventually, he and some of his colleagues decided to venture to an official shelter on their own, without any official escort. However, a few among them chose to remain behind. He shared a photograph of their journey in trucks on their way to the safety of a military camp.

He recounted the harrowing experience of hearing planes overhead and the sounds of gunfire throughout their journey, which left them in a state of fear. Thankfully, Israeli soldiers later arrived, safely escorting them to the camp. The Thai man expressed his current safety, alongside 97 other Thai nationals, at the shelter, awaiting their journey back home.

According to Thai PBS, at least 700 Israeli citizens have been killed and more than 100 Israeli residents, including residents, children and soldiers, have been captured by the Hamas group. Israeli soldiers have launched air strikes on Gaza in the past 24 hours, killing at least 400 Palestinians in the area.

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