Cargo boat capsizes off Krabi

Photo by The Phuket Express.

A cargo boat capsized off Krabi province in southern Thailand on Monday, with 7 crew members rescued. The Royal Thai Navy and the Krabi Marine Police searched the waters for the crew members after they were alerted that the boat had lost contact with its parent company.

After searching for nearly 2 hours, the rescuers found the stranded crew members. The rescuers took the crew members back to shore, while the boat capsized and sank. The boat was named the “Andaman Smootie 999 cargo boat.”

The crew has not yet released a statement about what caused the boat to capsize. The boat capsized on the same day that three underwater tremors, between magnitude 4.6 and 5.0, were detected in the Indian Ocean, near the Nicobar Islands, about 600 kilometres northwest of Thailand’s Andaman coastline. There were no reports of any damage caused by any of the tremors.

In May, a yacht capsized in Krabi due to stormy waters. Thailand’s marine authorities got a phone call from the yacht’s 3 passengers, who said they had gotten onto a dinghy boat after the yacht sunk. They said the dinghy was drifting into the ocean, and the call then faded out. Eventually, a fishing boat spotted the passengers on the dinghy and brought them safely back to shore.

As Thailand’s monsoon season rages on, we can expect to see more stormy seas ahead. Authorities have warned operators of small boats to keep ashore during storms.

SOURCE: The Phuket Express

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