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The ‘sweet generation’ head back to school in Hua Hin

The Thaiger & The Nation



The ‘sweet generation’ head back to school in Hua Hin | The Thaiger

by Piyarat Nildee

Hua Hin residents may be wondering why some of their more mature residents have been putting on school uniforms and heading back to school.

Some of the elderly Prachuap Khiri Khan residents reported at a special college for ‘the Sweet Generation’ yesterday, ready for classes and ready to learn again.

Hundreds have enrolled in the School for the Elderly College and will take classes in legal knowledge, vocational training, basics about contacting government agencies, dhamma and the English language. They will also be given tips on healthcare and smartphone usage.

“This program has been launched to ensure that elderly people have something useful to do during their free time, and can maximise their potential,” mayor of the Hua Hin Municipality, Nopporn Wuttiku, said.

The special courses will be provided every Wednesday for four months. Nopporn said the number of students has been rising since the school opened in 2016. Initially there were 200 students, but the number jumped to 230 in the second batch and the latest batch has 250.

The course has been designed to help people grow old with knowledge and dignity.

The 'sweet generation' head back to school in Hua Hin | News by The Thaiger

SOURCE: The Nation

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Hua Hin

Hua Hin massage shops blocking the beach

The Thaiger & The Nation



Hua Hin massage shops blocking the beach | The Thaiger

PHOTO: Juckrit Chotphom

The Hua Hin municipality says they’re going to investigate beach massage operators for encroaching on, and blocking, the popular beach in Prachuap Khiri Khan province.

Clerk of the municipality, Jirawat Prammanee, says he ordered officials to check on the operators after seeing posts from a Hua Hin resident showing the beach obstructed by massage beds.

Jirawat said that if officials found the beach obstructed they would order the owners to immediately vacate the area.

The orders follows posts from Juckrit Chotphom who posted a photo in several Hua Hin Facebook groups. The photo shows a worker of Meow Massage lining up massage beds in a formation that completely blocked the beach leading all the way down to the water.

The photo also captured another massage shop that had done the same thing.

Juckrit said he took the photo at about 8am on Monday. He said he filed a complaint with the local office of the Internal Security Operations Command.

SOURCE: The Nation

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Hua Hin

Jetski operators in Hua Hin told to ‘stick to guidelines’

The Thaiger



Jetski operators in Hua Hin told to ‘stick to guidelines’ | The Thaiger

PHOTOS: Talk News Online

Jetski operators on Hua Hin beaches have been warned to stick to pricing guidelines and beach locations in the Gulf holiday resort.

Talk News Online reports that officials visited Hua Don beach in Hua Hin to rein in the jetski operators. Jetski operators in all seaside resorts around Thailand have a reputation for not following the rules, not adhering to insurance guidelines and scamming tourists.

The Hua Hin operators were told to stick to strict prices and strict areas of operation.

All jetskis and boats were checked for safety and all tourists must be issued with life jackets before they take their ride. Each operator must have proper insurance in place and there must be signs in Thai and English explaining matters.

Director of the Region 4 Department of Coastal Resources Wan Chatree said that complaints had been received by tourists of overcharging and jetskis encroaching on areas where they were not allowed.

“If they strayed from the rules they would get a warning then be chucked off the beach if there were further infractions.”

Operators are legally able to charge 1,500 baht for 30 minutes on a jetski or 2,800 baht for an hour. Banana boats must limit passengers to 5 and they are to be charged 300 baht for two circuits. Undercutting competitors on prices is not allowed.

The Director said that operators were made to sign an agreement to the proposals.

SOURCE: Talk News Online

Jetski operators in Hua Hin told to 'stick to guidelines' | News by The Thaiger

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Hua Hin

Headless body discovered washed up on beach south of Hua Hin

The Thaiger & The Nation



Headless body discovered washed up on beach south of Hua Hin | The Thaiger


A headless body has been discovered on a remote Prachuap Khiri Khan province beach early today (Tuesday).

Police report that a local fisherman found the body of the man just after midnight. The body was found, face down, partially covered in sand, and wearing red underwear.

The body was found at Ban Khok Tahome beach, in Moo 9 village of Ang Thong tambon, Thap Sakae district, south of Hua Hin.

The fisherman who found the body contacted police, who sought help from the Sawang Rungruang Thammasathan Thap Sakae rescue foundation to retrieve the body.

A doctor determined that the man had died at least a month ago as the body started to decay due to exposure of sunlight and the warm water.

Police speculate that the man could be a fishing crew member washed off his boat when the region was hit by tropical storm Pabuk.

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