Government promoting “active ageing” for Thailand’s elderly

Deputy government spokesperson Ratchada Thanadirek says that as of 2018, the number of Thai citizens who are aged over 60 is 12 million, or 18% of the population as a whole.

She was speaking after the recent National Elderly Person Committee Meeting, at which the government discussed how best to help the ageing population to continue contributing to society while preparing for old age.

“Most of those aged between 60 and 64 are still in good health and capable of working. However, up to 41% of them are unemployed or have voluntarily stopped working, meaning that they now have an inactive lifestyle. Furthermore, statistics show that many Thai people are entering old age without proper preparation.”

Ratchada says the government has now agreed an “active ageing” plan as part of the national agenda, which aims to provide and upgrade vocational skills for those over 60, in addition to looking at job creation suitable for that age group.

“The plan also urges employers to hire more elderly staff by providing benefits, as well as encouraging seniors to sign up for the National Savings Fund (NSF) to promote sustainable financial management in old age.

The Nation reports that Deputy PM Jurin Laksanawisit has pledged to promote a 3 year elderly person operational plan (2020-2022), encouraging preparation for old age, promoting jobs and professional careers for those over 60.

“The plan will be driven at both regional and community levels to make sure that no elderly person is left behind. The government firmly believes that older Thais have an important role to play in driving society forward.”


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