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End of an era – Phuket FC dissolves under burden of debt

Kritsada Mueanhawong



End of an era – Phuket FC dissolves under burden of debt | The Thaiger
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The island’s local football team, Phuket FC, has announced its dissolution after being sued by 3 foreign players for a total of 83 million Baht.

Today (November 28), at the Tourism and Sports Office, the President of Phuket FC, Pitipol Nukulpanichwiwat, alongside Phuket FC’s consultant, Sunanta Krajang, held a press conference to announce the dissolution of the Club.

The 3 players, including Roland, Alonso and Santos, filed the lawsuit to ask for 83 million Baht for their losses over contracts that had been revoked unfairly and includes a FIFA fine. The lawsuit started in 2012 until 2015 but the team was unable to find enough money to reimburse the requested amounts and was forced to take drastic action. FIFA insisted that the debt would have to be cleared if they were to continue playing in the national League.

The outgoing President said that the three players had been ‘kicked out’ by the club’s former management for various disciplinary misdemeanours.

“The lawsuit happened during the time of the former board, before we started working with the team. We cleared debt of approximately 2 million Baht from the former board to try and ‘reboot’ the team and the Club’s finances. We also would have loved to see our team in the national league but we have to apologise that we can’t reach this goal with the financial burdens we are facing. The debt is too heavy to handle. The Football Association of Thailand warned us that if we don’t take any action, our FIFA membership would also be revoked so we had to act urgently,” said Pitipol.

“We have reimbursed the players who still have a contract with us and others whose contracts are expired will have to look for a new team. Everyone understands the situation.”

He also noted that he would like this incident to be an example for others who want to create a football team, especially those who are looking to takeover a football club, that it is necessary to check carefully about any existing problems the club may have.

“In the near future, we may arrange a 7-player league for Phuket fans.”

Meanwhile, the Club’s consultant said that the football club suffered from internal problems caused by staff from the previous administration.

“We were fooled by the administration staff allegedly stealing money from the uniform and souvenir costs up to hundreds of thousand of Baht. We provided the money to spend on these expenses but suppliers called us and said that we hadn’t paid for our orders. After checking, we found the tax invoices were fake and the staff had already fled with the money. We have reported the alleged theft to the police and we believe there will be an arrest in the near future.”

End of an era - Phuket FC dissolves under burden of debt | News by The Thaiger

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Thai sports minister optimistic about Olympic boxing gold

Jack Burton



Thai sports minister optimistic about Olympic boxing gold | The Thaiger

Thailand’s minister of tourism and sports says he’s optimistic that Thai boxers will win a gold medal at next year’s Tokyo Olympic Games (if the Games are held at all). Phiphat Ratchakitprakarn visited the national team’s training camp at the National Sports Training Centre in Saraburi province, northeast of Bangkok. He was accompanied by the governor of the Sports Authority of Thailand.

They met the 4 Thai boxers who have already qualified for the Tokyo Games. The minister watched them train at the National Boxing Development Institute, inside the NSTC compound, and praised their efforts.

“The measures undertaken by the government to control the spread of Covid-19 virus have paved the way for the Thai athletes to resume training. Boxing is one of the most popular sports in the country and all Thais are hoping for success at the Tokyo Olympics.”

“Although we didn’t win any gold at the 2016 Rio Olympics, I believe the Thai boxing team will win back the faith of their fans by bringing home a gold medal from the Tokyo Olympic Games next year.”

The secretary-general of the Thailand Boxing Association and its chairman of technical development both assured Phiphat that the Thai boxers will continue to train hard for any event that might take place in the future.

SOURCE: Bangkok Post

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Cabinet reshuffle coming as 4 economic ministers resign

Jack Burton



Cabinet reshuffle coming as 4 economic ministers resign | The Thaiger

PM Prayut Chan-o-cha says he’ll reshuffle the Cabinet following the resignations of 4 economic ministers from the ruling Palang Pracharat Party. The finance minister, energy minister, the minister of higher education, science, research and innovation and the deputy secretary-general to the PM and secretary to the Council of Economic Ministers held a joint press conference to announce their resignations.

Political observers say the move by the 4, who are credited with running Thailand’s economy, comes after weeks of Palang Pracharat Party infighting among factions vying for power. Responding to the resignations, Prayut says that he “respects the decisions.”

“But I have to move the country forward and will talk with coalition parties about a Cabinet reshuffle.”

Prayut didn’t confirm reports that the reshuffle is happening in September. He says the timing will depend on the political process, which he will discuss with parties in the government coalition. He confirmed that all 4 ministers who quit the party were under his patronage when he took the post of premier last year.

Asked if outsiders will be invited to participate, he said he’ll consider all options.

Prayut also said today’s meeting of the Council of Economic Ministers meeting has been postponed so he can meet with his team of economic advisers instead. He will then put their proposals to the CEM.

SOURCE: Nation Thailand | Nation Thailand

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Immigration official says visa amnesty extension “is unlikely”

Kritsada Mueanhawong



Immigration official says visa amnesty extension “is unlikely” | The Thaiger

As the deadline for the visa amnesty draws closer, conflicting whispers are emerging from Immigration offices around the country.

The Thaiger is privy to a discussion with an Immigration officer this morning where an extension was said to be likely, for 1 month beyond July 31. But just this afternoon Khaosod English has published a contrary story saying that an extension of the visa amnesty for foreigners “is unlikely”.

The amnesty, extended back in April, will expire at the end of this month (July 31).

Immigration spokesperson Col. Phakkhaphong Saiubon is quoted as saying that there’s a need to “clear out people” as the situation of global pandemic “starts to wind down”. The spokesperson’s reading of the international Covid-19 situation appears to ignore the latest figures which indicate an acceleration of the global infection numbers and recently “low risk” areas firing up with “second waves” of infections.

The government issued a general amnesty which gave automatic extensions of stays earlier this year, and then extended again in April, after crowds of foreigners were queueing up at immigration offices around the country. The amnesty allowed foreigners whose visas expired between March 26 to July 31 to stay in the Kingdom without applying in person for an extension at immigration offices.

“There most likely will not be an extension. It’s all quiet on that front. It’s been a long time and we need to clear out people. Thailand and the Thai government are already generous. No other country has this long of a visa amnesty (another false assertion).”

If there is no extension to the visa amnesty after July 31, overstay fines as well as the 90 day report requirements will likely resume unless other measures are put into place before that date.

The spokesperson also warned foreigners “who plan to continue staying in Thailand are advised to renew their visas and 90 day reports before then”.

“I recommend you do it within this month.”

The bottomline, without any news of an extension to the amnesty, is that foreigners, whose visas have expired, should apply to extend their visa or, if they are unable to, contact their Embassy for a letter explaining the reasons they are unable to leave the Kingdom.

“It also depends on the flights available for you. But if your embassy won’t issue a letter for you, then you may have to leave since there’s not much we can do.”

Before the visa amnesty was granted, immigration officials required as many as nine separate documents for foreigners to extend their stay for up to 30 days. They include land deeds, rent contracts, and even selfies of foreigners with their accommodations.

SOURCE: Khoasod English

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