Mob accuses mother, grandmother of death at boy’s funeral

PHOTO: Mother and grandmother are attacked at a boy's funeral in Trat. (via MCOT)

A suspicious death of a young boy led to a vitriolic confrontation at the funeral between mourners and the boy’s mother and grandmother. The crowd angrily blocked the mother and grandmother from joining in the funeral rites, accusing them of causing the boy’s death.

The incident took place in Trat, Thailand’s most southeastern province, beyond Chon Buri, Rayong, and Chanthaburi. The boy was 6 years old and, while not many details were made public about his death, it is reported that he died inside a vehicle in what many believe were suspicious circumstances.

Many attending the funeral believe that the mother and her new husband had been involved in an attack on the boy which led to his premature death. They said that they believe the new stepfather had beaten the boy and then left him to die in the vehicle.

The boy’s body was moved by local rescue workers to Phrapokklao Hospital in neighbouring Chanthaburi province for an autopsy. After that, he was transported back to Nam Chiao sub-district in Laem Ngop district in Trat, where he was to be laid to rest at Ban Nam Chiao Mosque.

His bereaved mother and grandmother joined the boy’s body in transport between the hospital and the mosque. Upon arriving at the holy site, the mosque leader bathed the boy’s body in preparation to be moved to the graveyard.

The mother and grandmother tried to follow the boy’s body, but an angry mob of mourners blocked their way and confronted them in the parking lot of the mosque. The group clearly believed the mother was responsible for the boy’s death and shouted accusations and curses at the 2 women, threatening a violent attack if the women tried to join the funeral ceremony.

In the end, the boy’s mother and grandmother were rescued from the angry mob by a group of 4 police officers in plainclothes who escorted them to a truck that they loaded into and immediately sped off to the village to avoid any further confrontation or drama at the funeral.


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