Knifed in the neck for disrespecting mum

A cantankerous Rayong grandmother has worn out her welcome in her village and now her fed-up family and friends are conspiring to ship her off to a home.

Ban Khai police were called to an address last week where they found Laemthong, aged 52, bleeding from a wound in his neck. According to the Bangkok Post, Kai Sawanmongkol, better known as or “Yai Joy,” his octogenarian mother, had stabbed her son in the neck.

Grandma Joy has always been feisty character who takes a occasional drink. She was out in the yard, busily abusing her neighbours. Laemthong had just sat down outside the house he shares with the old dear when he made the terrible mistake of suggesting that the drunken harridan “quieten down. a little.”

It was like a red flag to a buffalo.

Joy gripped the fruit knife she had been brandishing at the absent neighbour and leapt on Laemthong, stabbing him in the neck. Luckily, she did not sever any major arteries.

When asked how she’d have felt if her son had in fact died, she said..

“Who cares? He disrespected his mother.”

There are some laughs in the story, but not many. Grandma Joy recently lost her husband and her heavy drinking is spinning out of control.

She walks about in the middle of the road, climbs trees, cut her finger after she losing a card game, and even tried stabbing herself in the head.

When a reporter from Amarin TV visited following the attack on her son, he found her down by a local waterway, covered in sand. The Rayong grandmother said she wasn’t drunk but didn’t want to go home.

Since the attack, Laemthong is staying somewhere safe as he recovers. he said…

“I expect to go back eventually. My absence also gives officials a chance to see whether she calms down when living alone.”

Knifed in the neck for disrespecting mum | News by Thaiger
Laemthong is worried about his mother, but does not know how to help her.

Grandma Joy has plenty to say about her neighbours and has harmed herself in the past. But this was the first time she had used a weapon against another person.

Laemthong’s elder sister, Bualoy, said her mother drinks all day. When she stabbed Laemthong, Bualoy took the knife away and locked mum inside until the cops got there.

Village headman Panich Yomaha said Rayong grandmother Joy had arrived only two years ago and has been nothing but trouble. A few days before, she had climbed a tree and fell asleep close to the power lines. Panisch said…

“Many of us have offered help or tried to put her into care, but she won’t go. We took her to get a sickness card to treat her alcoholism, but she wouldn’t go there either and she refuses to take her meds. She begs for money from the neighbours and abuses them if they do not cough up.”

Chitphon Inchai, a Rayong social worker, said he would call a meeting of officials and community leaders to look for a way forward.

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